How beautifully cut fruit - video recipes at home

For your table, choose only fresh and firm fruits with no damage or dents. Otherwise, the general form of food will be spoiled. Elastic fruit conveniently cut and give them the desired shape.

Before you start creating a slicing of fruits, some important rules you need to know.

  1. When all is cut, it should be sprinkled with a little lemon fruit juice, that they maintain the rich color.
  2. instead of lemon juice sometimes use a thin layer of gelatin.
  3. Pick up for the future composition of the dishes of bright colors to make the most colorful dish.

of the prepared pieces are made of beautiful compositions in which color skewers are used, umbrellas, and other decorations. If you plan on buffet table, it is better to make canapes from the fruit. To do this, you must purchase a long wooden stick and tray. Cut the fruit squares or triangles. To perfect strawberry banana, kiwi, orange. Grapes in different colors can be alternated with apple, pear and tangerine slices. Engage in the creation of tapas her child, which is sure to give you a number of practical advice as well as the children's imagination knows no bounds.

Here are some of the most famous fruit slicing compositions.

Geometric figures. For example, apple, pear, kiwi fruit can be cut into slices, bananas, oranges - slices, peaches, apricots -.. Triangles, etc. It all depends on your imagination and available tools. Today in shops large selection of special equipment for processing fruit slicing. Select a sharp knife with a thin blade, not to make every effort and make the edges neat fetus. Mushroom Glade. Cut the banana into two parts - the legs will be improvised fungus. As the use of cap halves of apples, apricots, grapes, and so on. D. Make some fungi and arrange them on a plate. With the help of a thin cut peel apples or lemons fill the remaining empty space on the plate in the form of grass and leaves.

Funny Animals. From banana get a dolphin when its peel and make berries eyes. Put one by one pieces of banana and strawberry - it will be a snake. To create a peacock pear cut in half. Place it in the center of the plate, and the halves of grapes lay tail, decorating it with blueberries or currants. Legs and beak can be made from kiwi fruit. Large fruit of pineapple, melon, peaches and apples are ideal for fruit plates, which are also filled with berries or slices of plum, pear, mango.

If you decide to do the cooking on a professional level, it is necessary to write down on carving courses. They are organized periodically chefs major restaurants in the workshops.

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