Svetlana Sidorova of jazz variations on the theme of food in literature - video recipes at home

Svetlana Sidorova of jazz variations on the theme of food in literature - video recipes at home
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Svetlana Sidorova of jazz variations on the theme of food in literature - video recipes at home

Cultural Studies PhD, associate professor of the department of comparative

study of national literatures and cultures of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Area Studies Lomonosov Moscow State University. MV

Lomonosov Moscow State University, and now leading the new program

talks about food and literature.

Author: Ekaterina Antonova

Svetlana Sidorova of jazz variations on the theme of food in literature - video recipes at home

The "Culinary Fiction" reveals the secrets of the dishes, celebrated by great writers in their works. The program is aimed at the curious viewer. Host of the program Svetlana Sidorova four years ago came up with the project "Literary kitchen", which is implemented in the "Seasons" magazine. Her regular "literary and culinary" meetings have become popular. Now Svetlana together with co-host chef Denis Krupenio is about eating in the literature on the channel "Home".

Svetlana, what is your most powerful taste of childhood?

This granny bun. Moreover, not in isolation but together with your favorite childhood book, "The Kid and Carlson" by Astrid Lindgren. A bit of sugar. You probably have noticed yourself that our beloved pets books do not live in a bookcase, and the kitchen, literally on the dining table. We read with great pleasure it is for a meal! That is why these books are stored on their pages sweet golden traces of buns with cinnamon and a cup of tea. What was the first - first you have to love and to cook or before addicted to reading?

Well, I am preparing a rare, only for their own, but if you have to, you have put in all the soul food. A first in my life, of course, have an interest in reading. And in the history of "food and book" I'm much more confident feel on the territory of the book. Everything else - the Diocese of my chef and co-host Denis Krupenio.

How did the idea to unite in one project, food and books, reading and preparing culinary dishes?

This idea was suggested to me by Marcel Proust, his novel cycle "In Search of Lost Time". The main character is served cake, which he macerates in lime broth, and from this cup, this biscuit soaked swim out of his memories, and - the whole novel. I thought, "If Proust so inspired with a cup of broth soaked biscuit in it, it means that there are physical and spiritual food grain and food spiritual and physical are absolutely compatible '. And what we are now doing with Dennis Krupenio - these jazzy variations on the theme of food in literature. We need to understand why a particular dish, or that the product enclosed in the literary text. That is, we are engaged in more philosophy than food history.

What are the books you choose for your gear?

As long as we take the Russian classics, literature recognizable. We try to show the well-known stories and novels on the other hand - through food. Try the taste of literature. We want to revive with the help of food text. After all, when you realize that you ate the characters in one time or another, the whole story, told by a writer, it is absolutely real, recognizable, and a little more understandable and closer to you. It's like teaching. You know, I adored as a child his grandmother's yeast cakes. I participated in their preparation. The dough was coming for a long time, and I loved to look at it. And now, when I tell the students at MSU difficult things about the relationship between culture and civilization, it is often explained with the example of culinary metaphors, referring to the very grandmother dough. It seems that many of your interests converged in the program "Culinary Fiction": journalism and teaching, books, and food ...

Exactly! In this story, all united all the threads of my life, if I went back to my small, who loved to read, "Karlson", seizing his buns. Only now I'm telling you about it.

Your dreams often come true?

Yes. I'm 13 years old wanted to tell the world about pioneer children's camp "Artek", which visited. How to tell? Become a journalist! And I entered the Faculty of Journalism. Then he came on the radio and was leading, as I wanted. And now that the TV story on the channel "Home" - a synthesis of many of my hopes and dreams. Honestly, I did not surprised by this new role - leading programs about books and food. I not surprised, but very happy.

How does your family relate to food?

The main rule - to feed the guest and the home that all were satisfied. We, of course, there is the dinner tables every day, but always, in every dish the main ingredient that is added to the food my family - this is love. The recipe may be the simplest, but if a person is preparing with love, the taste of the dish becomes special! I just know it.

What do you like to cook?

I like to watch trains Denis Krupenya. I am learning from him. The main thing I learned - it is necessary to cook easily, listening to yourself, and to watch: whether or not combined with each other to taste the products. That's all. What food do you prefer?

I eat everything except meat and fried. But most of all I like to cereal. For me the morning - not the morning, if I do not sing oats. When do yoga in the morning, the dream that now finish the workout, and deserved prize - gruel, to which is added dried fruits, honey, after which it becomes absolutely irresistible!

You traveled around the world and many have tried everywhere. If you were asked to recommend the most "delicious" in the world, where would you recommend to go?

Sardinia. There must try the ravioli with spinach and ricotta and pasta with freshly harvested marine delicacies. When you taste it, you will believe that it is the most delicious in the world!