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Nikita Sokolovsky 16 years, but he was aware of the best chefs of the world, enthusiastic gourmets and journalists. Nikita was trained in professional courses in the famous culinary schools in Kiev, Moscow and Paris. In France, he studied with the famous Alain Ducasse and Belluet Konsey, and Russia took lessons from the famous confectioner Alexander Seleznev. In addition, Nikita was admitted to the Moscow Culinary Association and became the youngest member.

Nikita decided to write a book, "Tasty friendly party" to those who, just like him, a lot of friends. Reading this book, you will not only learn how to cook delicious and not too complicated dishes to friendly parties, but also learn how to properly set the table to to avoid basic errors, faced novice cooks and as to organize such a meeting, in which nobody would closely. And to make it interesting to learn to cook together, Nikita offers for the practice to come up with a festive menu and make it a reality, and all the ideas in a book. So many different occasions: parties, celebrations, family dinners ... And as Nikita experienced learning the art of cooking for yourself, now he can tell about all the subtleties and secrets of the chef all the readers of the book! All recipes are described as detailed as possible and clearly. In the book you will find interesting articles about learning cooking, about holidays and how to prepare them, tips for young chefs. You will learn how to impress your friends, even if they are inadvertently descended to visit. And, of course, with this book you will become a master of domestic holidays for all your friends and family!

Let us learn to cook together!

Rolls Recipe puree with smoked salmon

from the book of Nikita Sokolov "Tasty friendly party"

It is necessary: ​​

500 g of potato

Milk 150 g

200 g of salmon

Olive oil to taste

1/2 green beam

10 pancakes

Salt, spices to taste

How to prepare:

1. Potato peel and boil until tender.

2 Potato mash, adding milk to the puree. Add the chopped herbs and mix everything thoroughly. Refrigerate.

3 For each pancake Put the thin layer of mashed potatoes. Then place salmon layer pancake roll and roll. Put in the refrigerator.

4 Before serving, cut rolls and garnish with greens.