About cook Nikita Sokolov - video recipes at home

About cook Nikita Sokolov - video recipes at home
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About cook Nikita Sokolov - video recipes at home

Cooking - is not a hobby, and the meaning of life, if we are talking about

16-year-old cook Nikita Sokolov.

About cook Nikita Sokolov - video recipes at home

are not all young people know the age of sixteen, "do life with someone." Kyivlyanyn Nikita Sokolovsky is clearly not one of them. With a choice of profession, this young man decided ten years. Finally and irrevocably I decided: I will cook!

Today Nikita room wall is decorated with a number of diplomas

different culinary schools. On the shelves of bookstores were two cookbooks - "Home Ukrainian food" and "Tasty friendly party", written by Nikita. He also participates in international competitions creators caramel sculptures and plans for the future.

Nikita, tell us how the idea came to collect recipes for homemade Ukrainian cuisine?

I just love this kitchen. Can prepare their own and jelly and stuffed pike and dumplings with cabbage and potatoes. My friend's grandmother lives in the village. It was she who told me some recipes. But I adapted them for the urban kitchen: oven instead of the oven use, instead of a clay pot - the pot with a thick bottom and the walls. My favorite recipe from the book - cheese cakes with vanilla sugar. They turn out very fragrant and incredibly tender. I do not think with the time to open his gourmet cuisine Ukrainian in Kiev?

High and Ukrainian - things are hard to reconcile. Our kitchen is home, this is its charm and originality. But things can be.

What are the most difficult to prepare?

stuffed pike. We must take care not to damage the skin, the stuffing should not be dry. And I do not for a long time given stuffed. Could not bond structure of cabbage leaves and minced. When it began to extinguish all falling apart. I obtained some soup.

Tell us how you got on the lessons of the famous chef Alain Ducasse?

Climb on the Internet, would like to order new molds for baking, pan, and came across an ad that interested me: Alain Ducasse provides professional lessons for amateurs. My parents supported me. So I went to the famous chief. Alain Ducasse himself is not teaching, with students engaged in it cooks from the restaurant "George V". But it is the master of the highest class.

Where taught French?

First, in Kiev at the Lyceum. But already practiced in France. At first it was hard. But when you get into the environment, you have no way out, we have to learn to understand them. I addition to the communication helped reading comic books, and I also watched French movies, listening to the radio. Two weeks later he spoke as never learned in Kiev for three years. What the audience learns from Alain Ducasse?

In my group there were 12 people. I was the most junior. With me culinary wisdom mastered by both men and women, mostly to himself, then to surprise your family and friends.

And so fashionable today, Italian food you have mastered? Really it is necessary to boil the pasta and special rules?

Without a doubt. If you want to enjoy the taste of spaghetti, it is necessary to make their unleavened dough made from flour and eggs. Do you like long pasta, then, will have to roll out of their hands, the short can be cut into a special machine. And how easy it is to spoil the lasagna, if not pre-boil the pasta in salty boiling water for a minute!

What is your relationship with exotic cuisines?

In France, I learned a little wisdom so-called flower cookery. Cooked meat, fish, and to them - sauces from the petals of different flowers and herbs. Meat taste and smell of a flower in combination give something divine.