Dumplings with cherries

This recipe dumplings with cherry filling an absolute masterpiece and one of the best options for the preparation of this delicious Ukrainian cuisine. With such a filling, you will feel the approach of summer and remember the untimely death carefree and happy childhood. Taste of this humble meal can not be compared, nothing ...

Recipe for dumplings with cherry

To prepare the dumplings with cherry, in a deep bowl, connect the eggs and milk. Add salt, enter the flour and knead not very stiff dough. Obmyat and form a circle, sprinkle with flour and leave for 20 minutes reach.

To prepare the filling must be dry frozen cherries in a colander, sprinkle with sugar and starch, stir!

Cut the dough into several parts, each part separately roll out into a long sausage and cut into small slices. A sliced ​​circles roll out the tortillas. Each cake in the middle to put a little stuffing cooked, pull up the edges and pinch. To do all the same with the others.

Formed dumplings boil in salted boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Once the dumplings start to climb up to get them gently with a slotted spoon, to shift into a colander to drain the water, put in a bowl for feeding, powdered sugar and pour sour cream.

Dumplings best to pour into a ceramic dish and cook for them a special syrup. Also, you can prepare yourself dumplings with fresh berries or fruit, which are obtained by equally delicious. The characteristic sour cherries, makes a special way with delicious dumplings and gives them a piquancy.

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