Recipe for spaghetti with tomato and cheese

Recipe for spaghetti with tomato and cheese
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The Italian cuisine is not conceived without the spaghetti. Pasta with different sauces known worldwide as satisfying, delicious and very easy to prepare dish that does not require special skills and products, but has a very recognizable Italian taste.

Spaghetti in Italian, characterized by a very fast cooking. First, cook the pasta in principle quite quickly and easily. Secondly, one of the basic principles of Italian cooking is to preserve the natural taste of products with minimal heat treatment.

The word spaghetti taken to imply a certain kind of pasta:. Round made of durum wheat diameter of 2 mm and a length of 15 cm All other types of pasta are not spaghetti, and refer to them as already impossible. Ideally, when cooking spaghetti can not crumble, they have to be long, and there should be stringing on a fork. Fortunately, in the Russian shops sell many kinds of spaghetti Italian and Russian production.

The recipe of spaghetti with tomato and cheese

A simple classic recipe is cooking spaghetti pasta with tomatoes and cheese.

It is necessary (for 4 servings):

1 pack (300 gr.) Spaghetti, 4-5 large tomatoes (ideal ripe, "fleshy" tomatoes), half of large bulbs, 200-250 c. cheese, basil, oregano, salt and pepper to taste.

How to prepare:

  1. Spaghetti be pre-boiled in boiling salted water. Usually required cooking time indicated on the package, but it is rarely more than 5 minutes. Do not forget that the classic Italian pasta in any case can not tenderize, they should be hardish.
  2. While the pasta cooked, the tomatoes must be cleaned from the skin and finely chop them.
  3. Onions also cut costs rather small: so he will taste the tomato paste and will not be noticeable.
  4. roasted onions and tomatoes must be on a hot frying pan with an average amount of vegetable oil.
  5. After the tomatoes turn into a homogeneous slurry should turn down the heat to low, add salt, add pepper and spices, chopped fresh or dried basil, oregano, and covered with a lid and leave for another 10-15 minutes.
  6. While the sauce is cooked, you can grate cheese on a medium grater. Ideally, besides the usual hard cheese in ready spaghetti you need to add the Parmesan, but its absence does not become critical.
  7. When the tomato sauce is cooked, it should be mixed with the cooked spaghetti in advance and let stand 1-2 minutes.
  8. The finished dish is expanded on a flat plate and sprinkle with grated cheese.
  9. Decorate it can be a couple of basil leaves (to taste perfect purple basil), and tomato varieties "cherry".

Other recipes of spaghetti with tomato paste and cheese include mushrooms, chicken, beef or pork to be fried in the same pan, before you start to cook in her tomatoes. In addition to these ingredients may be added to the chopped garlic and various herbs (thyme, rosemary, etc.).

Serve spaghetti with cheese and tomatoes must be chilled white wine. From soft drinks are perfect homemade lemonade and berry fruit drinks and iced tea.