Ivlev and Rozhkov waiting for your best recipes! - video recipes at home

The program broadcasts from Konstantin Ivlev

We asked the host of "Ask

cook "Konstantin Ivlev, which shows and movies he recommends to look at" home ", as well as that special cook in the Saturday edition of" Ask the cook. "

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Home reading with Konstantin Ivlev and Yuri Rozhkov

Leading the "Ask the Chef" program

"Home" chef best restaurants in Moscow, the authors of the cookbook "Cooking real men" told what tricks were a child, not to read the books, and from what fiction is now difficult to break away.

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Video Webcast: gastronomic dinner with Konstantin Ivlev

We are pleased to invite you to a video broadcast

enogastronomic dinner for friends and connoisseurs of Russian New Kitchen by Konstantin Ivlev.

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