Cooking in multivarka: potato casserole with minced meat

Multivarka: 5 recipes for weight loss

If you are thinking about that quite

will soon have to wear a thong bikini, our selection for you. Down exhausting diets: dietary cook, but good food and losing weight fast!

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Summer vegetable stew - cook in multivarka

Summer vegetable stew - a win-win

dinner or lunch for people who look after their health and figure. This is an easy low-calorie dish can be cooked on the stove, in the oven, in clay pots, but you can make it in multivarka, having spent a minimum of effort.

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To buy or not multivarku?

Multivarka a home assistant, which can be prepared in a huge number of dishes. At the same time they retain the maximum of useful properties, since the process is carried out through longing.

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