6 recipes with red fish - video recipes at home

6 recipes with red fish - video recipes at home

As a pickle fish? Recipe Alexander Seleznev:

It is necessary: ​​

1 kg of salmon

1 cup salt

1 cup of sugar

Zest of one orange or lemon

A bit of finely chopped dill

How to prepare: to

Mix the spices, put in the fish and put everything on a day in the refrigerator.

Video recipe of the Konstantin Ivlev and Yury Rozhkov: delicious tartar of salmon and avocado with red caviar. Watch the video:

The original light and easy snack from Alexander Seleznev decorate your table: video recipe.

Tartar of salmon with "Philadelphia" cheese Due marinating in soy sauce, salmon looks just exactly like tuna.

Salmon "a la tuna"

If pickle salmon in beet juice, color is fantastic.

Salmon beet juice

A simple snack of refined products: salmon, pineapple and cheese "Philadelphia". Watch the video!

Salmon Appetizer

Preparing for literally 15 minutes, and is always a huge success.

Rilet salmon

The freshest salmon combined with a gentle cream cheese ... what could be more refined ?!

tartar of salmon with cream cheese