Light lunch in 15 minutes by Jamie Oliver

Healthy lunch for our pets

Veterinary nutritionists say: Many

health problems in our pets, even such serious, like diabetes, can be avoided if you know how certain foods are digested by the body of the animal.

Light lunch in 15 minutes by Jamie Oliver

Olga Ulyanova

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4-course dinner: chicken

As a chicken to feed a whole family?

Chicken salad and apples, chicken soup, roulade and jelly.

Olga Laptev

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Rolls with cheese, mushrooms and ham for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Recently, I was called by presenter

"Ask the Chef" Yuri Rozhkov proposal to come together and cook something. I frantically began to seek out some unusual recipe, the primary task - to find something simple, affordable, yet extremely tasty and versatile.

Vladislav Spout

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