Five dishes in 20 minutes - video recipes at home

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Pork with pineapple

Five dishes in 20 minutes - video recipes at home

What is needed: (4 servings) 500 g of pork tenderloin or the neck

300 g of fresh or canned pineapple

70 g leek

1-2 small chilli peppers

a pinch of ground cardamom

5 Art. l. vegetable oil

4 tbsp. l. soy sauce


How to cook pork with pineapple:

1. Pork and pineapple cut into thin slices. Chilli and leek - thin rings.

2. The well preheated pan fry pork vegetable oil 10-12 minutes. Add the pineapple, leek and chilli, keep the heat on another 4-5 minutes. At the end, add the cardamom, soy sauce and dosolit to taste. Stir and remove from heat.

Five dishes in 20 minutes - video recipes at home

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Pancakes with fish

Five dishes in 20 minutes - video recipes at home

What is needed: (4 servings) 250 g of flour with baking powder

1/2 h. L. soda

50 g of melted butter

juice of 1/2 lemon

200 ml of yogurt

1 small zucchini or courgette

300 g smoked salmon

Vegetable oil - for frying 1 tbsp. l. caviar, salad leaves - feed


How to cook pancakes with fish:

1. Squash rub on a coarse grater or cut into small cubes. Half of salmon mash with a fork and mix with the zucchini. Sift the flour, mix with yogurt, beat with a mixer, so that the test had no lumps. There also add the melted butter, lemon juice, baking soda, salt, zucchini with fish. Whisk all the blender and mix well.

2. Heat the pan with vegetable oil. Configure the pancakes with a spoon and fry them over medium heat for 3-4 minutes on both sides until golden brown.

3. Ready-made pancakes arrange on plates, top with slices of fish and caviar served with salad leaves.

Lazy cabbage rolls in tomato sauce

Five dishes in 20 minutes - video recipes at home

What is needed: (6 portions) 100 g of cabbage or Chinese cabbage

1 onion

50 g carrots

2 garlic cloves

400 g of minced beef or veal

70 g of cooked rice


a pinch of chilli dried chilli flakes

600 g of tomato in its own juice

5 Art. l. olive oil

1 h. L. Sahara

2 sprigs purple basil

How to make lazy cabbage rolls in tomato sauce with chili:

1. Mix in blender cabbage, onions, carrots, and garlic, crushed into small chips. Mix chopped vegetables with meat and rice, add the incomplete teaspoon of salt, chili pepper, 2 tbsp. l. water and knead thoroughly minced hands. 2. Put the refractory form of tomatoes, add olive oil, sugar, salt and mix. From minced roll small balls with a diameter of 4-5 cm. Place them in a tomato sauce and put in a preheated 240 ° C oven for 17-20 minutes. Decorate the finished dish basil leaves and serve.

Fast chakhokhbili

Five dishes in 20 minutes - video recipes at home

What is needed: (4 servings) 5 sprigs purple basil

5 sprigs of tarragon

5 sprigs of cilantro

3 garlic cloves

600 g of chicken

6 tablespoons. l. olive oil

400 g of cherry tomatoes

100 g of chopped tomatoes in brine

1/2 h. L. hops-suneli

pinch of sugar (optional)

2 sprigs each of greenery - for decoration

salt pepper

How to make a quick chakhokhbili:

1. The greens and garlic finely chop and mix. Chicken cut into large slices. On each slice Put a tablespoon of chopped herbs and garlic, turn roll and give it an oval shape. Tie each roll coarse thread or chipped skewer so they were not disclosed.

2. Brown the chicken rolls in a well-heated frying pan over half of the olive oil on both sides until golden brown. Then transfer to a heat resistant tray and remove in a preheated 190 ° C oven for 12-13 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, add the cherry tomatoes in a saucepan, add the tomatoes in their own juice, remaining olive oil, hops-suneli and a small pinch of sugar (optional). 4. Simmer 10 minutes, stirring at medium heat. At the end of season with salt and pepper and serve with the chicken and garnish with leaves remain green.

stew of beans with bacon

Five dishes in 20 minutes - video recipes at home

What is needed: (4 servings) 250 g of canned red beans

250 g of canned white beans

200 g of boiled and smoked bacon

300 g of cherry tomato (or tomatoes in brine)

4 cloves of garlic

4 tbsp. l. olive oil

any green beam

pinch of sugar

salt pepper

How to cook a stew of beans with bacon:

1. Tomatoes cut in half, bacon - small cubes.

2. Good heat the olive oil in a deep skillet and fry the bacon on it for 2-3 minutes. Add the crushed garlic, tomatoes in a minute. Reduce heat and simmer for 5-7 minutes.

3. Add beans, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar, and cook for another 4-5 minutes. Toss chopped herbs, stir and remove from heat.

4. Serve stew can toast, boiled egg or poached egg.