Salad with corn and olives 3 new recipes - video recipes at home

Recipes for salads with sweet corn, olives and pineapple

It should:

0, 5 banks canned corn

150-200 g pitted olives

lettuce beam

2 chicken eggs

bunch of fresh spinach

100-150 g of canned pineapple

salad with olives

Salad fine as a snack, as well as

as a garnish for fish.

Salad with corn and olives 3 new recipes - video recipes at home

Inna Antokhina

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How to prepare the:

1. Rinse lettuce and fresh spinach, a little dry, then tear or cut into a deep bowl.

2. Boil eggs, cool and cut into small cubes and add to the bowl.

3. canned corn and olives along fold in a colander to stack brine.

4. Pineapple slightly dry on paper towels, cut, and then place in a bowl to the remaining ingredients.

5. Add in a bowl of corn and cut into two or three parts of the olives.

6. If desired, season with salt and pepper salad, add nonfat light yogurt or yogurt and mix well.

See story, how to make an original and inexpensive salad in a pineapple:

Recipes for salads with sweet corn, olives and sprat

The recipe of this salad will be able to evaluate not only the connoisseurs. In spite of the original composition of ingredients, this salad is easy to prepare, it is surprisingly tasty!

Salad with corn and olives 3 new recipes - video recipes at home


It should be:

1 medium-sized bank sprats

100-150 g olives

150-180 g of canned corn

150-180 g of a white canned beans (can be replaced by red)

80-100 g hard cheese

0, 5 loaves of bread, "Borodino"

2-3 cloves of garlic

Refilling of oil from the sprats

How to prepare:

1. Oil sprat in any case do not mix, and place in a small bowl, which put the croutons.

2. Sami sprats thoroughly mash with a fork and place in a deep salad bowl.

3. olives, canned corn and beans drain brine and fold them together in a colander, and then place in a container for salad (olives can be cut).

4. Garlic pass through the press, and add to the other ingredients.

5. There also put the cheese rubbed on a fine grater.

6. Add the pre-soaked croutons salad bowl, but without oil, as the excess fat salad dressing is not necessary.

7. To salt the salad is not worth it, just refill it with mayonnaise, yogurt or other dairy products, and then immediately apply to the table until the crackers are not soaked.

salad recipe with corn, olives ITALIAN

Italian salad "Caprese" is known to many. It is considered the most popular. However, with mozzarella cheese can be cooked another, no less tasty salad.

Salad with corn and olives 3 new recipes - video recipes at home

It should be:

200-300 g of fresh radish

0, 3 cans canned corn

0, 3 banks olives

fresh lettuce beam

300-400 g of mozzarella

1 red onion

bunch of parsley

2 tbsp. tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

a pinch of coriander

salt - to taste

olive oil - to taste

2-3 cherry tomatoes - for decoration

How to prepare:

1. In a bowl, connect the shredded radishes into thin slices, torn lettuce and sliced ​​mozzarella stripes.

2. They also add chopped onion half rings, without brine corn, finely chopped parsley, coriander, salt and a small amount of oil.

3. Before feed ingredients give brew 10-15 minutes, after which it is ready. On top of lettuce can be decorated with cherry tomatoes.

Bon Appetit!