New Year's table for 1 hour - video recipes at home

New Oriental salad from Lara Katsov

Tasty and easy alternative to calorie

Russian salad. Due pumpkin seeds, cilantro and oranges, this salad has a powerful detoxifying effect. This means that you can forget about the extra pounds!

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New Year's celebration should be extremely enjoyable event, which does not bring unnecessary trouble and does not force run around the house in an apron until 11 pm, trying to sweat with oblezshim manicure mess on his head and totally exhausted physically, bring beauty for 30 minutes.

So instead of following the advice of many on how to make a New Year make-up for 10 minutes or from the tired, jaded New Year's troubles woman to become a princess for half an hour, we propose to devote myself all day, and just one hour - the preparation of New Year's table. And believe me, he will be no worse than usual. Of course, you will not have time to cook a jelly or make your favorite herring under a fur coat for her husband. But if you decide to live at least one year without these usual treats, then all of the following recipes to help you.

Let's start with cold dishes and salads.

Prepare an original and easy salad is very simple, you only need to follow a few rules.

New Year's table for 1 hour - video recipes at home



  1. Leaves and greens, only fresh (do not skimp on this one). Rinse well in cold water and dry. ATTENTION! If you do not have a special dryer, use a simple cotton kitchen towel. Wrap it washed lettuce or herbs, as in the knapsack, and rotate several times around the circle (you can over your head). Vegetation should be dry, ie. K. The remaining water will dilute the salad dressing taste.
  2. Stir all kinds of salads and greens - DO NOT BE AFRAID! Salad leaves are not cut, and tear the hands.
  3. Add seasonal vegetables - try to use the knife for cleaning vegetables to slice a cucumber or carrot - a beautiful and unusual.
  4. Good need salad texture, add something crunchy, such as crackers, nuts, seeds, and so on. P.
  5. Any cheese only add taste and use to your salad. Feta, mozzarella, blue cheese, Parmesan, etc. -.. Cut, knead with his hands and salad.
  6. refill - basic recipe: 1 part of the acid into three parts oil (typically 1: 3). The acid: any kind of vinegar, lemon, grapefruit, orange, lime, and so on. . oil: olive cold pressed, linseed, etc. Good mix oil with an acid, and then you can add the mustard (mustard dressing) or yoghurt any spice and spice, salt, n e rec and t. d. The main charge should be slightly acidic and slightly salty because water contained in the green vegetables and neutralize excess acid and salt.
  7. Pour salad filling and mix all arms. Salad ready!
New Year's table for 1 hour - video recipes at home

Who does not know arugula? Arugula know everything! In principle, a handful of these bitter leaves with anything - have a salad, you need only well-matched filling. The recipe is simple, but very tasty salad, I found a page on the culinary blogger Sergei Kalinin. All you need - is rocket, Bloated tomato, Smoked breast and balsamic mixed with oil from the sundried tomatoes as a salad dressing.


Steak tartar suitable for the role of the perfect snack for those who like raw meat. In the classic French version of steak tartare - it is the freshest ground beef or finely cut by young beef.

New Year's table for 1 hour - video recipes at home

The meat seasoned with salt and freshly ground pepper, any pickle (pickled gherkins or capers, for example), onion (bulb, shallots or green) and a small amount of brandy. In restaurants, all the ingredients are fed separately and mixed in front of the customer, but at home you can mix everything in the kitchen, making meat a hill with a slight indentation and beat back a raw egg (chicken or quail).

New Year's table for 1 hour - video recipes at home

But if you are not ready for such gastronomic experiment, try tartare salted salmon or salmon.


On a hot snack I recommend you submit Baked Camembert with pesto and Italian herbs Prescription blogger Anastasia Tretyakova. You will need camembert, puff dough, pesto sauce and a mixture of Italian herbs.

New Year's table for 1 hour - video recipes at home

Recipe "Camembert baked with pesto and Italian herbs"


Circle Camembert (bri) for each, packaging refrigerated dough puff (available frozen)


A mixture of Italian herbs

How to prepare:

  1. Roll out the dough on a layer, a lightly greased pesto, put a circle cheese zaschipnut.
  2. Sprinkle dry herbs.
  3. Send in the oven, preheated to 180-200 ° C for 30 minutes, until the dough browns.

For the main course easier and faster just to file a fish. And what, decide for yourself. Here's a couple of tested recipes:

Baked fish with vegetables and cheese "Mozzarella"

Cod "Pil-pil" in Basque

New Year's table for 1 hour - video recipes at home


In no case do not forget the desserts. You will not believe it, but even if you have never been known for its magical baked goods, this dessert you'll have to not only taste, but also strength. The fastest cheesecake! Recipe blogger Anastasia Tretyakova.

New Year's table for 1 hour - video recipes at home



2 servings

1/2 cup (about 50 g) of biscuits (comminuted into chips)

2 tbsp. tablespoons melted butter 120 g of cream cheese

120 g of cream

1 egg

60 g of powdered sugar

2 tbsp. tablespoons orange juice

How to prepare:

  1. Mix the crumbs of biscuits and butter. The resulting mixture was put into molds, tamping to get the basics for the cheesecake.
  2. Mix the cream cheese with sour cream. Whisk do not need, or can form air bubbles, because of which then cheesecake may crack.
  3. Add icing sugar and egg, knead again. Then add the orange juice, stir again. Pour into glasses.
  4. Cooking in a microwave oven at 700 W power for about 2 minutes. When the center just begins to bubble, remove. Do not overdo!
  5. In the finished cheesecake middle, will be a little watery and should be "flicker", but on cooling hardens. Cool to room temperature and put into the fridge for 1, 5-2 hours until complete cooling.
  6. Decorate as desired (chocolate, berries and so on. D.).

Let the coming year will be for you not only successful, but also relaxed. After all, as the New Year meet, so spend it!