Scary Drinks for Halloween: "The frozen hand in punch" drink recipe soft and alcoholic, step by step, with photos

To a party on Halloween, on the eve of All Saints, was a success and will be remembered for a long time, all guests can take advantage of our "terrible" drink recipes. The uniqueness of this "terrible" drink is that it can be prepared as the basis of non-alcoholic punch, and on the basis of alcohol.

Well, now move on to the preparation of the "frozen hands." For its preparation we need:

raspberry juice - 300 g, cranberry juice - 600 g, gelatin dry - 14 g, chewy candy in the form of worms, snakes, spiders ... - for decoration, punch-bowl - 1 pc., punch - taken on the number of guests.

And so, we proceed to the production of arms.

Any rubber glove my wrenching inside out and time is set aside.

Scary Drinks for Halloween:

The dish of suitable size, mix raspberry and cranberry juice.

200-300 c molded juice mixture, add dry gelatin mix and give it brew 5-10 minutes.

Put on low heat and stirring constantly we bring the liquid to completely dissolve the gelatin. Liquid gelatin solution poured into the pan with the remaining juice mix.

Washed and turned inside the glove fill gelled juice.

That part of the gloves, which comes to hand, come together and tying thread.

"Hand in glove" is deposited in the freezer.

It will be very good if our "Frozen hand" freeze in the freezer for several days.

When the time comes to put our "terrible" drink on festive table Halloween, frozen glove is taken out of the freezer, cut off a rubber glove and "frozen hands" put in a bowl for the punch, so that the "arm" sticking out of it.

We fill a punch bowl and decorate purchased in advance worms, snakes, spiders ...

Scary Halloween drink - a frozen hand in punch - ready!