When the mark Halloween in 2019 - how and when to celebrate Halloween Day

You do not know when the mark Halloween in America, England, but now in the whole world? Of course in the fall. Autumn - a lot of yellow leaves, long walks in the parks, mulled wine and, of course, yellow pumpkin with scary rozhitsami. It was at this time there is the most sinister and hectic holiday - Halloween (English Halloween or Hallowe'en.).

When the mark Halloween in 2019 - how and when to celebrate Halloween Day

Since he came to us recently, not all readers will know its main meaning and the date on which it is celebrated. Therefore, we have prepared a brief the most relevant information about this terribly restless and cheerful holiday.

When Halloween in 2019

We inform you that Halloween is celebrated every year on the night of 31 October to 1 November - at night, on the eve of All Saints' Day. This holiday has a Celtic origin and appeared in pre-Christian times. Celtic tribes lived in what is now the United Kingdom and had his own chronology, dividing the year for winter and summer. According to their calendar, the summer ended with October 31. And according to the old belief, that on the night of 31 October to 1 November evil comes to life. In order not to incur the trouble and drive away evil, and people dressed up in scary costumes. Day, when there is the excitement of Halloween and even excitement among the people, because you need to catch everything. Although Halloween is alien to our culture, we are happy to have fun on this day. The shop windows are decorated with scary costumes, pumpkins and other horrible paraphernalia. On this occasion, themed parties and events. People choose their own or make a costume and make-up suitable for their menu offers Halloween.

And here is the video from which you learn that for Halloween and how it is celebrated in America.

Well, now that everyone knows when Halloween 2019, we suggest you also take part in the celebration, and choose simple and delicious, but it is beautiful and scary themed recipes that can be included in the menu on Halloween. Cook delicious meals and scary to the party in this day is very important.

And here is the video from youtube ideas - simple ideas terribly wrong design dishes for Halloween. Whole dvenaaadtsaaat !!!

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