Stuffed eggs or snacks on Halloween recipes: "Egg vampire eyes" or "Invasion of the Spiders"

To prepare these simple, tasty and "scary" snacks on Halloween you will need the most common and accessible to all products. They can be easily purchased at any supermarket or at the market.

To prepare for the holiday table eggs stuffed with prescription "vampire eyes" or "Invasion of the Spiders" we need:

eggs - take rate of 1 egg per person, mayonnaise in a pack - at the rate of 1 tablespoon per egg, olives - a rate of 2 olives per egg.

And now, how to prepare these "scary" snacks on Halloween from an ordinary hen's egg.

Boil hard boiled eggs, cool and clean.

Eggs cut into halves and spread on a platter or plate.

On top of each half egg mayonnaise squeezing of the pack, about one tablespoon per half egg. "Vampire eyes" will look even more terrifying if instead of mayonnaise to use green sauce tartar. Olives take out of the jar, give obtech and the sinking of the mayonnaise in the center of the egg.

Stuffed eggs, our "worst" meal-snack ready for Halloween. Eerie and fascinating at the same time "Egg vampire eyes" can be served on the holiday table decorating dish with fresh herbs and ketchup.

And it is possible, remove yolks and preparing a snack with cheese, egg yolk, garlic mayonnaise and stuff with a mixture of egg white halves.

How can I submit a stuffed eggs and diversify dishes for Halloween holiday with a photograph and ... turn on the imagination. I am sure that your imagination has no limits!

Stuffed eggs or snacks on Halloween recipes: Stuffed eggs or snacks on Halloween recipes:

And if you decorate the egg as in this photo, you get a real invasion of spiders.

Bon appetit and glorious party on Halloween!