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In the menu, quick salad in a pineapple and fruit cocktail. TO

expert programs Kirpicheva Maria and Alexei Ivanchenko

Valery turned with a request to arrange a romantic evening for

wife Maria.

Couple together for so long as the husband and wife began to forget about their own anniversaries.

Wedding anniversary leading new super show "Would be a reason," offered Valery surprise favorite, throw a party in the Hawaiian style - because Mary loves the sea, the sun, the beach.

But the main thing that the festival? Of course treats! "It is not necessary to spend polzarplaty! - says Maria Kirpichev. - simple and delicious at the same time sumptuous dinner can be cooked, having modest finances. " See the next edition of the program "would be an excuse" on a portal Domashniy.ru and amaze your loved ones!

So, today in the menu of the original salad in a pineapple and a non-alcoholic cocktail "Fruity Kiss".

salad in pineapple

It is necessary: ​​ pineapple

2 bell peppers of different colors


300 g of boiled shrimps

200 g arugula

1 lemon

How to prepare:

1. Cut the pineapple lengthwise, cut pulp to get the boat.

2. Cut the flesh into small pieces of pineapple, bell peppers and peeled avocados. Stir in shrimp and arugula.

3. Place the salad in a pineapple boat, sprinkle with lemon juice.


It is necessary: ​​ 1 peach

300 g of pineapple

1 tbsp. cherries (you can take frozen)

2 oranges

How to prepare:

1. Peach and pineapple flesh cut into pieces and beat blenders. Pour the purée into the glasses.

2. Beat separately cherry and orange. Carefully pour in the glasses, being careful not to mix the different layers.

3. If desired, decorate the umbrellas for cocktails or slices of fruit.