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The recipe for those to whom descended unexpected guests. need

the most common products that are always at hand, and through

5 minutes of applause from friends and requests to repeat -


The 7th edition of the new super show "There would be a reason to" leading creative and Entertainer Kirpichev Maria and Alexei Ivanchenko preparing a surprise for Antyushinyh family. How to arrange a grand celebration and not go broke, found here.

Antyushiny love Germany so Kirpichev Maria offered to do a pretty inexpensive snack "tarts in German." And for dessert - a luxurious jazz composition Summertime by most leading music TV channel "Home". The details in this video!

open sandwiches RECIPE IN GERMAN

It is necessary: ​​ 3 boiled potatoes

100 g of bacon (you can take ham sausage or smoked)

2 tomatoes

1 tbsp. l. mayonnaise

1 tbsp. l. mustard

green onions

How to prepare:

1. Cut potatoes and tomatoes into slices 1cm thick.

2. For the sauce, mix the mayonnaise and mustard.

3. Put the potatoes on a plate circle, spread the sauce, put the tomatoes, sauce, cover with a piece of bacon. Skewer pierce tarts. Garnish with green onions.