Lara Katsov: the secret spices! - video recipes at home

Lara Katsov: the secret spices! - video recipes at home
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Lara Katsov: the secret spices! - video recipes at home

Spices - the easiest and fastest way to guarantee a luxurious dish. But that they are profitable stressed, not killed the taste of food, read 5 important rules.

Lara Katsov, host of the program "Home cooking" shares with readers the secrets HELLO.RU use and storage of spices. It turns out, it is an art.

T eply bread with herbs in olive oil. See videoretsept from Lara Katsov

Spices, seasonings and joy

If anyone remembers the famous monologue in the image of Gennady Khazanov student culinary college, you remember, and the phrase from him, "And in the soup-that is what is missing." But not enough, as a rule, the same "stuff" which "makes" the taste of any dish - seasoning.

Here are a few tips that will help you to properly use the well-known spices and make your meals taste unforgettable:

1. Everyone knows that if you start to fry the finely chopped garlic in hot olive or vegetable oil, he can burn slightly, and later taste bitter. To avoid this unpleasant outcome, add the garlic for five minutes until cooked meals or after turning off the fire. If you are cooking with a prescription, which is strictly specified fry the finely chopped onion and garlic at the beginning (for example, when cooking risotto), then only slightly podsolite onion-garlic mixture. Onion juice allocate, which means burning garlic and bitterness you are not afraid. 2. In addition to the correct choice of spices and their number is very important to know the precise time of their addition at stewing, frying or steaming. Bay leaves should be put for 20-25 minutes until cooked dishes, rosemary, thyme, marjoram - 10 minutes, cinnamon - for 15 minutes This is generally not applicable to marinades.

3. Such spices like cumin, cumin (cumin), fennel, coriander and cardamom before eating better to warm up in a frying pan and then crushed in a mortar. The result will not disappoint you.

Lara Katsov: the secret spices! - video recipes at home

Be careful with cardamom and nutmeg - a very strong seasonings. Adding they should be at the minimum level, otherwise your dish will taste bitter. For example, a kilogram of ground beef I add 1-2 boxes of cardamom and pinch of nutmeg. These spices particularly well together in the preparation of meat terrines.

4. Keep the spices must be in a dark, dry place. Humidity for them - the main enemy. The ideal place to store serve a small glass jar with a tight-fitting lid.

Lara Katsov: the secret spices! - video recipes at home

shelf life - no more than 5-6 months. When in doubt, say goodbye to any seasoning or not, take it in hand, chop and grind a couple of seeds. You do not smell? Throw away without regret.

5. Using spices can prepare some tasty dressings with olive oil and apply it for cooking different cuisines. I bought the empty glass bottles, each of which poured oil and dream:

1 bottle: Add a few cloves of garlic and red chili pepper. Universal oil.

2 bottle: added dry oregano and thyme. Perfect for filling salads with tomatoes and vegetable stew, saute and ratatouille.

3 bottle: Add a few sprigs of rosemary. Ideal for lamb dishes.

4 bottle: a few slices of lemon. Indispensable in preparing fish dishes.

5 bottle: a few sprigs of marjoram and tarragon. Their close friendship with mushroom soups, sauces and dishes will not leave you indifferent fish.

Experiment, eat delicious and be happy!