As a muddy broth to make transparent - video recipes at home

Dietary food: greasy chicken soup

Soups - a mandatory component of a healthy

power. Delicious Diet soups can be cooked with chicken broth. Chicken is not greasy and contains a lot of nutrients and trace elements needed by man.

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Basis of a transparent broth should be laid at the beginning of cooking. The most delicious and rich broths obtained from meat "on the bone", that is, from a combination of meat and bone components. Good defrosted and thoroughly washed meat should only be poured cold water.

When using fatty meat, muddy water after boiling it is necessary to drain and refill clean continue cooking. At the same time you need to immediately reduce the heat under the pan to a minimum.

For flavored and pure broth while cooking you need to put into it the whole purified bulbs that upon completion of the preparation of meals should be removed, and on the surface of the liquid it is necessary to periodically remove the foam. This requires a skimmer - A special flat spoon with holes.

It should make a reservation and mention the nuances associated with the broth of fish and chicken. When cooking chicken broth it is necessary to add salt to the bookmark vegetables in a pan - it will keep its transparency. A fish broth should be boiled only perch - all other types of fish make turbid broth. And fix it fail. During the cooking dish pan cover lid should not, when covered with a lid as appearing foam does not rise up, but once settles to the bottom.

For some types of vegetables, it is necessary to mention the carrots separately. It is better not to rub on a grater, and simply cut. Otherwise, it will give an additional yellowish foam.

If, despite all efforts, the stock still turned turbid, it is possible to resort to emergency measures, namely, to lighten it by absorbents.

First, the liquid must be removed from the meat. Further it is possible to start filtering the broth. For this purpose, suitable fine sieve or folded into 3-4 layers of cheesecloth. Strained broth base for soups, but if it is conceived as a separate dish, you need to spend more and clarification.

You will need one egg - yolk cleaning will not take part. One protein is able to lighten two liters of broth. Well beaten egg white is an excellent absorbent.

The resulting mixture should be thin stream pour in a little lukewarm broth, stirring constantly with him, that the protein is evenly distributed around the contents of the pan. After that, it is necessary to give the broth to boil over low heat, continuing to stir it. Five-minute boil more than enough to protein curled and settled to the bottom. Remove it with a slotted spoon is not necessary. The broth can be simply re-strain.

In addition to the above-described absorbent can apply the so-called "respite". It is prepared as based on egg whites, but it should be added to 100 grams of minced meat and two or three spoonfuls. Such absorbent not only cleanse and brighten the soup, but also and add nutrients to it.