The benefits of vegetable broth - video recipes at home

The most common vegetable broth is considered prepared from ingredients such as carrots, onions, celery. Also, add to taste a bay leaf, tomatoes, sweet pepper, a couple of cloves of garlic and a pinch of salt.

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From the very small children are taught to a diet in which there is a liquid hot dish, and vegetable soup here is not the last. He fully replace any first dish because it contains all the necessary body minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, which, in turn, in addition to nutritional functions have a preventive effect in patients with diabetes mellitus, gall bladder, pancreas and liver. Vegetable broth perfectly satisfies hunger for a long time.

Vegetable broth is also a positive effect on the digestive tract, gently and quickly cleans the human body from toxins, stimulates the bowels. And one of the factors of utility vegetable broth - is that the dish has no contraindications, it can be used to everything, and a variety of recipes makes it possible each time to prepare a new food. Vegetable Soup are low-calorie dishes, so could not be better suited for people who are struggling with being overweight as well as those undergoing a process of rehabilitation after injuries, illnesses and heavy operations. For weight loss is enough to exclude meat soups and instead be included in the daily diet of vegetable broth.

Many misleading opinion that for the preparation of vegetable broth, simply cook vegetables. But this is absolutely not the case. You can cook different recipes for soups and for different purposes.

In preparing a bouillon can be used in almost all vegetables. For example, potatoes, cabbage and carrots, you can add the zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms, green onions, leeks and tomatoes, and spice it all possible thyme, parsnips and turnips. And of course, a little salt can be allowed if there are no contraindications from doctors.

broth concentration depends on the amount of water added. But there is one condition - do not add water to the broth is ready, as it will spoil the taste. If the broth tastes seem enough saturated, such vegetables as onions, mushrooms, carrots and celery can be very finely chop, fry in vegetable oil and then boil.

But the most tasty and healthy is considered vegetable broth, pre-baked in an oven and then boiled. This menu will always be in the perfect tone, mood and great form.

After the filtered broth is ready, it can be used at once hot, and can be frozen in molds and then use for any purpose.

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