Salad of apples and shrimp

Spicy and refined salad with shrimps can be prepared in just a few minutes. Your guests will be fascinated by the appearance and taste of fresh shrimp in the combination of apples, which will be a great treat and give the solemnity of your table. You will need a minimum of effort, a little imagination and good mood ...

Salad with shrimps and apple recipe

Cleanse the apples peel and cut into thin rings. Baked in an oven to soften the light, at a minimum temperature.

Shrimp peeled, cut lengthwise and fry quickly in a small amount of vegetable oil. For sauce milled and sieve through a raspberry, mixed with white wine vinegar, add a mixture of five pepper, salt, sugar, chili pepper, ginger and olive oil.

On apples lay flat plate ring, they shrimp. Season with the sauce. Decorate the salad with shrimp rukolloy and balsamic cream.

As you can see, nothing complicated. To prepare a salad of apples and shrimp, you need only have the desire, and the rest remains for small.