Salad with smoked salmon

For this wonderful salad with fish can be combined any lettuce, which would you prefer to fit. A salmon can be used in various forms as boiled and salted. But let's not get away from the topic and prepare a great salad in every respect of the word - with smoked salmon ...

Salad with smoked salmon recipe

Enumerate all the salad leaves, wash them and dry. Pick salads to arbitrary small pieces, put in a deep bowl, pour the special salad dressing recipe is considered below, stir.

Sweet pepper rinsed in running water. Put on board the stem up and plates of 2-3 cm. Stenochki cut from top to bottom. Then cut the entrails from the pulp, while leaving the outer skin pepper thickness of about 1-2 mm. And only then, not thick-skinned sweet pepper cut into thin strips. In a small saucepan with cold water, to achieve a minimum temperature of the ice and put to lay straw pepper. After some time, about 20 minutes, cut into strips have tied up and take the form of whorls.

Meanwhile, following our recipe salad with smoked salmon, smoked fish must be cut into thin slices. Previously seasoned lettuce salad lay in the center. Around leaves lay slices of smoked salmon and garnish with paprika, add the basil and shallot.

As we have said, it can be used not only smoked fish, but also salted or fresh for the lettuce. In the latter case, it is better to be first fish fry in a small amount of oil.

The sauce for the salad recipe

This sauce can be used for many salads as fish and other meat. Word is a versatile sauce recipe for most dishes.

To prepare the following products cooking the sauce for a salad with smoked salmon 35 grams of fresh cream, 3 ml. soy sauce, 7 ml, balsamic vinegar, 5 g of honey, 10 ml. lemon juice, some salt and pepper

Pour the cream into a small deep bowl, add the honey, soy, balsamic vinegar and squeeze a little lemon juice. Salt and pepper to taste and beat all of the products with the help of the corolla until a smooth consistency.