How to make and decorate cuts? Secrets and subtleties - video recipes at home

How to make and decorate cuts? Secrets and subtleties - video recipes at home
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Beautifully decorated cutting - a real decoration of the table. Without meat, fish and vegetable cuts hard to imagine a festive lunch or dinner party. There are many tricks to quickly and accurately create a true work of a plate of culinary art.

When making a fish or meat dish, you can use a lot of innovative solutions. The main rule of serving is that guests have the opportunity to easily take any piece of cut. It is also important to observe the size of the slices - each must be exactly one bite. Diversify the composition may be, to experiment with different colors. It looks good, for example, a composition that combines boiled and smoked meat products. Dish also looks impressive with alternately lined with red and white fish.

One of the most common variants of registration cold cuts - minimize slices of ham or meat rolls. Such tubes are fastened and skewers are filled with cheese or vegetables, however, the variant without filling. To beautifully arrange cold cuts, ham, or to roll carbonate in rolls, put them on the edge of the plate and the center put a rose from a fresh tomato. The finished composition can decorate with greenery. When laying the meat or fish products should show imagination. It looks nice cutting, lined walkways. There are many tricks that can make the plate is much more refined. For example, it is possible with thin slices of fish expanded pitch butter. Guests will appreciate such a move, and they will use all means, because oil slices - is not only a decoration, but also a great flavor addition to the fish and meat specialties.

can form rosettes and place it in the center plate of meat or fish of different varieties. Make such decoration is very simple - you need to roll one piece into a tube, and then wrap it around a few more slices. This design small toothpick pierced at the base. Look beautiful rose carbonate or salmon.

When making fish cutting can not forget about the mandatory presence of a lemon and black olives, which must be placed separately on the plate. Shrimp is also worth take a special place, and under them are beautifully laid lacy leaves of lettuce.

As an example, processing of fish dishes you can bring one original way of cooking slicing. First fish fillets of different varieties should be cut into thin wide slices and arrange in rows on the plate. By cutting underlay lettuce, and between the rows of stacked seafood - squid rings and shrimp. Along the edges of the plates are beautifully arranged with thin slices of lemon peel. Blank areas are filled with herbs, such as basil and parsley. If the cutting of meat or fish is prepared for a children's holiday, it is important to consider a few things. Children may get dirty, so you have to use skewers that will not touch the fish or meat, and taking a slice on a skewer, just send it in his mouth. Under this option registration the child can get a favorite piece easily. Make a variety of cutting decoration you can use edible figurines of animals or mushrooms. They can produce vegetables and hard-boiled eggs.