Christmas salad - how you arrange and apply for the New Year

As we have said, the New Year differs from salads prepared according to traditional recipes, basically, only the ultimate holiday decoration, t. E., The salad dressing when applying for a festive table. And New Year's Olivier is no exception. Therefore, everyone's favorite salad prepared according to a traditional recipe, but the design ideas or answer to the question: "How beautiful to decorate the salad on New Year's?" Looking at the pictures in this article.

The first version of the design New Year's salad - a clock. It is often called - Christmas Chimes:

Christmas salad - how you arrange and apply for the New Year Christmas salad - how you arrange and apply for the New Year

can be a decoration Olivier:

But this can be a decoration salad in form of Christmas trees:

Maybe just in the ring - it is beautiful and delicious:

And now - Olivier decoration on New Year's Eve in the form of wreaths, or Grandfather Frost:

You can cook in the New Year's table and this beauty:

Closes this beautiful and delicious theme a simple video recipe. The author demonstrates not only how to cook Christmas Olivier with chicken, but how beautifully decorate Olivier - apply it on the table in the form of baskets. As a bonus - will show how to make an interesting decor like mushrooms potato.

And what you have received New Year's Olivier? What did you find unusual and original answer to a simple question: "How to decorate a salad for the New Year?"

You, of course, remember that a beautiful edible symbol of 2019 on east calendar as decoration New Year's table everyone can quickly and easily make your own hands.

Being in pre-holiday bustle do not forget to pick up a beautiful Christmas greeting card that would like to congratulate friends and relatives to you people. In our time, this can be done for free and directly from their computer or nouta. For decoration that I hope you did not forget to choose the most beautiful and spectacular photo wallpaper 2019. On the holiday of all!

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