Preparing holiday meals quickly - video recipes at home

Tip of the day: how to eat during the holidays

Holidays always mean a series of

feasts at home, at a party or a restaurant. And it is impossible to resist the delicious delicacies and gastronomic delights. But they are not always useful. To learn how to eat right during the holidays, said the expert show "Wedding size" dietitian Ksenia Selezneva.

Preparing holiday meals quickly - video recipes at home

Ksenia Selezneva

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When planning a festive menu must take into account the tastes of guests. Meals should be of a variety of products that everyone found something to their liking. Necessarily be present on the table cold dishes, salads, meats, fish and side dishes and various cuts.

With such an extensive menu, it is very difficult for one person to handle, so it is important to choose recipes that will save time.

The feast is always to start with cold appetizers. You can apply several types of cuts: meat, fish, cheese. All this is done very quickly - enough only to carefully cut and beautifully arranged on a large platter. Appropriate will sandwiches, which is used for lettuce, cheese, sausage, slice of tomato or cucumber. Pick components according to your taste. But you can just complicate the problem, but to make the table more than the original and submit canapés.

Another very good snack will be stuffed eggs. To prepare this dish, you will need to cook hard-boiled eggs, cut them lengthwise and remove yolks. On a fine grater grate the cheese and mix with the mashed egg yolk, add mayonnaise and spices to taste and fill this mass of proteins. No feast is complete without salad. Recipes for cooking them a great many - from the simple to the incredibly complex. It is possible to prepare a salad of shrimp, which is done very quickly, and the result is original and delicious.

Recipe salad of shrimp

Preparing holiday meals quickly - video recipes at home


It should be:

1 head of lettuce "Iceberg"

1 bell pepper

kg of boiled shrimp

1 cucumber

150 g of mayonnaise

ketchup, salt - to taste

lemon - for decoration

How to prepare:

  1. Serve this salad is recommended in glass ice-cream bowls, putting it at the bottom of shredded cucumber.
  2. Bulgarian pepper and head out "Iceberg" need to finely chop and mix, add salt and also put a layer of ice-cream bowls.
  3. complete the composition peeled shrimp.
  4. Mayonnaise mixed with ketchup.
  5. The resulting mass is nicely dressed salad.
  6. to mix the guests themselves.
  7. On top put a slice of lemon as decoration.

The main dish of any holiday table is hot, the role of which can serve kebabs, tobacco, chicken, chicken, baked in the oven, prawns, fish fillets in batter. All these dishes are prepared without much effort. The easiest option - a shrimp.

Shrimp Skewers

Preparing holiday meals quickly - video recipes at home


It is necessary to clean the thawed shrimp and string them on wooden skewers. The pan pour olive oil and garlic fry on it, then remove the garlic and fry kebabs 1, 5 minutes on either side. At the end add salt and pepper. Serve with soy sauce. Fish in batter

Preparing holiday meals quickly - video recipes at home


At least just fry the fish in batter. This will require a ready-made fillet is cut into large slices. In a cup mix some eggs and add a little mayonnaise, and salt and pepper to taste. The resulting mass must salt, pepper, and if desired, can be added dry herb (onion or parsley). Fish fillets lowered into the batter and then laid on a heated pan with vegetable oil. Fry the fish must be on both sides until golden brown.

Garnish can be prepared that your heart desires. But the quickest dish is potatoes baked in the oven with spices. For the preparation you need to carefully wash the vegetable, as it does not need to be cleaned, cut into small slices and a good roll in any spices, add a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil is false. Bake in oven at 180 degrees until ready.