How to choose a pan - video recipes at home

How to choose a pan - video recipes at home
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The right cookware can make our food is not only delicious, but also useful, and, of course, impossible to do without in the kitchen

pan. They are now a great many, but what and why

I need you? Is determined with the choice, and we only

We give a small tip.

to Ceramics - the guarantee of health

Due tricky technology called "sol - gel" ceramic-like coating becomes heat resistant glass and withstands temperatures up to 45o ° C. It is believed that this coating - the most environmentally friendly of all on the market. The porosity of the coating is absent, it is resistant to scratches and has high heat resistance. Even if you forget about the forthcoming meal and the food turned to coal, it will not affect the integrity of the coating.

Unfortunately, ceramic pan not durable, they are afraid of temperature. When you pour a cold dough on a hot pan or smash eggs to fried eggs, cover the pan undergoes temperature drop and crack. Abhors pan and frozen vegetable mixes, as well as frying dumplings, taken out from the freezer. First, the deposition of the microcracks, and eventually at the next temperature drop prefix "micro" switches to the "macro". Pottery coped well with a variety of sauteed fresh vegetables, chicken, dishes with the addition of grated cheese, with quenching fresh fish and seafood. Not friendly ceramic frying pan not only with temperature difference, but also with a dishwasher. Its coating has an average abrasion resistance and collapses when subjected alkaline environment of the dishwasher.

Teflon - American visitor

Teflon reigns in the world with 193O years of DuPont thanks to the company, in the kitchen, he already reigns within 5O years, having noted in the Guinness Book of Records as the most slippery substance. By their chemical resistance Teflon surpasses all known synthetic materials. Not destroyed by exposure to alkali, and even from a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid. But dig a knife and fork is a cover is not recommended, otherwise the scratched frying pan would have to send it in the trash.

Plus Teflon pan is its fast heating, on it very quickly, you can cook an omelet, potato or apple fritters. It is good for quick reheating of food and non-durable frying meat and vegetables slow passirovki. It must be remembered that the Teflon does not like high temperatures at 200 ° C Teflon begins to emit volatile substances that are not good for health. It is necessary to be vigilant and not to leave long pan alone with the maximum temperature. Better yet, use a frying pan with termospotom - temperature indicator. Termospot prompt a change in color that pan heated to the optimum 180 ° C, and it is time to load it quickly products.

Cast - timeless classics

It is believed that the cast iron skillet is indispensable where necessary prolonged heating, longing and hot products. Stews, risotto, vegetable stew, porridge, thin pancakes, fresh fish - the preparation of these dishes can easily take over the good old, cast-iron frying pan. Serve it will be a very long time to many generations of your family, if only someone very advanced not throw this "old heavy piece of iron." Having low chemical inertness, iron almost does not affect the composition of the food is prepared. Acids iron is also not afraid, so the pan can be easily rinsed with water with lemon juice or add vinegar when cooking. After use, it must be washed well and wipe with a dry cloth to prevent corrosion.

Only two downsides: considerable weight of the pan and the fragility of iron. However, if you do not throw the frying pan into the concrete wall or on the floor, her life will be almost eternal.

The thick bottom miracle Grill

Grill pan gives almost the same effect as that of the oven: a high fever very quickly bring to readiness as meat and vegetables. Learn it can be on a ribbed bottom surface. Due to these ribs provided in the grill drain excess fat in the grooves and minimal contact with the cooking utensils. Grill Pans can recommend to those who are watching their figures. When frying the meat on a frying pan can not add oil. Some lubricate the surface itself, but not necessarily. Lubricate the best meat, if dryly itself. Turn over the food you need after the formation of a crust. Delicate varieties of fish can be torn at the edges, so you need to be careful when cooking in a frying pan. Perfect for grilling steaks, salmon, cod, squid and shrimp. Best of all are obtained from vegetables Mediterranean vegetables such as eggplant and sweet pepper.

Grill Pans are aluminum and cast iron, you need to decide which option is right for you. Cast iron grills have high thermal conductivity and resistance to wear, but weigh from 2 up to 5 kg. Appearance also plays their elegant aluminum beauties. Advantages of aluminum grills are non-stick Teflon coating or ceramic, as well as the price. But aluminum will last less than cast iron. In any case, you need to determine for what purpose you need it when buying a frying pan. Explore the brand product and price range. Renowned companies produce professional tableware, but its price is much higher than normal. If you are not able to buy a brand, pay attention to the domestic products. And be careful not to buy a fake made by someone unknown and out of nowhere.