How to choose the kitchen utensils? - video recipes at home

How to choose the kitchen utensils? - video recipes at home

How do you choose pots, pans or casserole? For some people, the main criterion when choosing a new kitchen utensils is the price. Moreover, there is a belief that the higher cost of such dishes, the better it is, t. E. A person is convinced that he pays the money. However, if we ignore the value of brands, "not made in China" and the pursuit of fashion, which is a quality criterion, to explain can not please everyone. Let's try to look into the matter and, possibly, the next time will be easier to make a rational and informed decision about the purchase.

In this article, I will consider only the qualitative characteristics of most dishes, without going into details the history of the brand, country of origin, and fashion trends.

Here are some basic criteria that you should consider when selecting cookware: metal, of which the dishes done, coating, form of and amount .

The main selection criteria are always dependent on what you are going to cook this dish. The more clearly formulated objective, the easier it is to make a choice.

Copper cookware is good for confectionaries, namely jams, chocolate and so on. N.

Stainless steel is more versatile and can handle many processes.

Teflon, though not in favor with many recently, amazingly simplifies the preparation of pancakes.

Aluminum, undeservedly forgotten in our country, is perfect for boiling potatoes and pasta.

Each of these materials has certain characteristics that greatly simplifies the preparation process of the concrete. Try not to buy kitchen sets, t. To. First, they are all made of the same metal, the thickness of the bottom of all things is the same, and the proposed volumes often do not meet our requirements. Metal

Now the market there are such a variety of materials from which made dishes, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose.


The use of cast iron - a lot of pluses. It is largely universal and, thanks to some peculiarities of the metal in cast iron cookware can cook almost anything.

How to choose the kitchen utensils? - video recipes at home


1. An ideal heat conductor, is heated uniformly.

2 withstand very high temperatures, making it ideal for frying.

3. Allows maintain accurate temperature due to the high heat capacity.

4. non-stick coating and heat distribution is uniform over the entire surface with good raskalivanii.

5 will serve you for many years and can be handed down.

6. Suitable for many cooking methods: grilling, roasting, stewing, grilling, baking, roasting, frying.

7. A wide range of shapes, sizes and formats: pots, ladles, iron pots, pans, frying pans, grill.

8 may be used on the stove and in the oven.

9 Durable and easy to clean.

10 With proper use requires minimal use of oil.

How to choose the kitchen utensils? - video recipes at home


1. is not recommended for use by people with a high content of iron in the blood.

2 Do not wash in the dishwasher, ie. Can begin to rust..

3. is not recommended to use a glass ceramic hob, ie. K. Can scratch the surface.

4 It is very difficult, but with frequent use will help you pump up your hands.


The most fractious and expensive dishes. After it requires careful maintenance, but many professional chefs have no idea how to cook a good sauce or whipped protein in the dish than copper.

Copper - the best conductor of heat, the heating takes place quickly and the heat is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the dishes. Heat conductivity of copper is 2 times better than aluminum, and 10 times better than that of stainless steel.

How to choose the kitchen utensils? - video recipes at home

Even heat distribution is particularly important for fire or cooking, t. To. The food is cooked on the same day and at the top of the pan. Plus, in a copper pot food is cooked quickly, allowing the products to preserve juiciness and useful properties.

When choosing copper cookware is necessary to pay special attention to the wall thickness, weight, and the inner coating. Optimal copper thickness 2, 5 mm, if copper walls are too thin, they do not provide you with the necessary thermal conductivity. Internal coating in copper vessels either tin or nickel. Sometimes use silver or stainless steel, but neither one nor the other will not be considered, ie. In. Of silver increases the cost and so expensive copper utensils to unreasonable limits, and stainless steel, thanks to its physical properties, eliminates the advantages of copper in many ways.

A good copper utensils should be heavy. The only exception is uncoated cookware, which is used for whipping proteins often.

How to choose the kitchen utensils? - video recipes at home


Perhaps, in every house there is a couple of pots and stainless steel pans. Stainless steel - an alloy of iron with chromium and nickel. His popularity of stainless steel obtained through a variety of advantages over other materials. Solid, stable scratch, is not oxidized, available, easily cleaned, and does not need special care. However, stainless steel cookware has a number of significant drawbacks. The main - is poor thermal conductivity of, ie the heating of stainless steel kitchenware uneven, which affects the cooking process...

How to choose the kitchen utensils? - video recipes at home

The problem with the thermal conductivity of stainless steel are achieved by a multilayer bottom and thick, which are made of layers of aluminum, copper or bronze mixed with steel. The thicker and sandwich bottom, the less likely the burning of food and uneven cooking. So, the next time you select cookware stainless steel note the number of layers of bottom weight pot or pan (must be very heavy) and the marking on the bottom is better if there are numbers 18/10, which indicate that the alloy It contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel. Such dishes will be significantly more expensive, but much more functional.

If you use a saucepan of this metal only for cooking pasta or potatoes, you can safely choose the cheapest options.

On aluminum, Teflon and a pot with ceramic coating will be discussed in the next article.

How to choose the kitchen utensils? - video recipes at home