What date Easter in 2020 - Orthodox and Catholic - the date of Easter in 2020

The Resurrection of Christ - is the most important holiday for many believers. All Orthodox and Catholics know that every year, the date of Easter for Christians vary. Basically, this event falls on April. However, in some cases, can celebrate Easter in late March or early May. Therefore, it's time to figure out what day Easter in 2020.

When the Easter in 2020.

The following year, Orthodox Easter falls on April 19. The Orthodox and Greek Catholics, this day is the same. But the Catholic celebrated a week earlier - on April, 12th. Note that the Jewish Passover in 2020 falls on the period of April 9-17.

What date Easter in 2020 - Orthodox and Catholic - the date of Easter in 2020

Why Easter holiday no fixed date

As we know, the celebration date each year and may change when Easter will begin in 2020 depends on the lunar calendar. The main point, which are guided in choosing the date is the first Sunday after the spring full moon. Spring may finally occur after the vernal equinox. When the duration of the night compared to the duration of the day it comes first in a long period of the full moon. After this event, next Sunday and celebrated Easter. And unlike the date of Easter in the Orthodox and Catholics also connected tems that churches still use different calendars.

What date Easter in 2020 - Orthodox and Catholic - the date of Easter in 2020

Day of Resurrection of Christ is a feast tied with a long interesting and, most importantly, delicious rituals, which are attended by all members of the family. By the time of the celebration ends with the post, and everyone will be able to enjoy the delicacies after a long abstinence. Therefore, each hostess in a hurry, not only to restore order in the house, but the menu for Easter make up, picking it the best Easter recipes. And when the holiday recipes are chosen correctly, then collect the Easter basket will not be easy. Just put it in the traditional colored eggs, lush and delicious muffins cakes and fragrant cheese Easter.

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