Carving for Beginners of vegetables and fruits with photos and video

Carving, as stated in Wikipedia, - the art of stone carving, wood, common people, the bones ... In cooking, carving made of fruits and vegetables, cheese and chocolate ... and used to decorate the holiday table and festive dishes.

Carving and I still walked parallel paths and just have not met each other. But what beauty is obtained from the real masters of carving! Of course, I imagine it is difficult to be able to grow to such heights, but as the saying goes, "bad soldier who does not dream of becoming a general." Therefore, I decided to try. As you know, the art of carving I enter the group to just beginners. I decided to learn on their own. Because soon the New Year holidays and want to do even more delicious, fabulous and magical for their loved this magical night and New Year's menu. Although beautifully decorated dishes can and should do every day! The main thing is that the time allowed. From the beautifully designed and decorated with vegetables and fruit dishes will benefit all: the food and the mood and digestion.

Admire what make beautiful decorations of fruits and vegetables for a festive table.

Looking carving master classes accidentally found a site Michael Goursillaud - a member of the National Academy of Kitchen France, vice-champion of France in 2012, the prize-winner of the championship of France in 2008 and the European Championship - 2010. In his video study, and I invite you to take a carving for beginners together.

Here's the address site. There is an opportunity to enroll in and take a course from the master himself. If you have the ability and desire - try. Or you can try to go carving lessons for beginners with me. Most importantly be patient, fruits / vegetables and special knives for carving. For example, here such.

Carving for Beginners of vegetables and fruits with photos and video

But, for starters, you can get by with just a sharp scalpel or a good knife.

And so, we begin carving lessons for beginners:

- Fruit decoration for food, cake, table, or carving out of an apple;

- Chrysanthemum flower of Chinese cabbage.