Delicious and simple desserts on New Year's 2019 - what dessert to cook for Year of the Pig or Boar

Coming in 2019 - the year of the Pig Earth. Serve the best festive table according to the preferences of the character of the year, so it is important to think carefully about the composition of foods and serving the New Year's table: from salads and cold snacks to more sophisticated hot dishes. But do not forget about the Christmas desserts in 2019, which will complete your dinner.

In the coming Year of the Pig sweet dishes on the table must be home, should not be put on the table purchased. It is better to cook all their own hands. We need to show imagination: a symbol of ingenuity, the values, and prefer variety in food. Therefore, you can not cook a dessert, but several species. At the same time, they can be simple and easy, low-calorie fruit or jelly.

Fruit desserts for the New Year 2019

Can be immediately put on the table a wicker basket with fruit, or make a beautiful fruit slicing. Since coming year yellow Earth Pig, it is better to use earthy tones in the design of the dishes: it can be brown, orange, green, gray, and of course yellow. You can even just put in the basket of yellow apples, tangerines and oranges.

How can you arrange for a New Year's fruit table, see the video.

New desserts from fruits without baking

The suit cheap and low-calorie, but the original exclusive fruit salad as dessert dishes. Such, in fact, cheap fruit dishes to conquer a variety of flavors that sets off a light dressing on the basis of yogurt or sour cream. Video recipe of the beautiful and original fruit salad with yogurt on the basis of pineapple.

You can cook and it's festive, easy, and affordable for all components sweet. Incidentally, the video recipe from the very gypsy. ????

How to make a simple and popular Christmas fruit dessert - a Christmas tree from the fruit - shows the author of this video.

Baked apple dessert for New Year's table in 2019

A real gem of a holiday table can become baked apples with any stuffing, for example, with cheese. Video recipe of such a simple apple dessert that can be safely used for a New Year's dinner, shows its author.

Your sweet dishes to New Year's table guests will remember for a long time, if you decide to give them, in my opinion, the best fruit dessert - baked apples with ice cream and caramel.

On this New Year's sweet recipes from apples have not ended. We offer to bake the best cake diet - apple roses.

Delicious and simple desserts on New Year's 2019 - what dessert to cook for Year of the Pig or Boar

And the author of this video-recipe, virtuoso, quickly, easily and simply, we can say, as a wave of a magic wand ????, puts on the table the most delicious baked apples in puff pastry ready. Watch the video, I'm sure you will want to bake a fruit dessert in a hurry and not only for the New Year's dinner.

List of simple fruit desserts on this will have to finish. We proceed to the following types of sweet treats.

Christmas cakes for the holiday table annually Dogs

Interesting recipes for Christmas desserts from this category, you can start with the tartlets with various fillings. Ready baskets of dough can be filled with, for example, soft cream cheese or sour cream custard. Garnish with such sweetness can be nuts in honey, sprinkle a little powdered sugar, or used for decoration colored confectionery posypku.

Delicious and simple desserts on New Year's 2019 - what dessert to cook for Year of the Pig or Boar

Another option - vanilla cupcakes with butter custard in the form of Christmas trees. This sweet dish looks very well in the New Year ????

Delicious and simple desserts on New Year's 2019 - what dessert to cook for Year of the Pig or Boar

If you want to include in the New Year's menu and jelly desserts, then pay attention to the delicate mousse cakes stuffed with pineapple.

Delicious and simple desserts on New Year's 2019 - what dessert to cook for Year of the Pig or Boar

In addition, it can be prepared with their own hands delicious cake Pavlova with curd cream and pears, is today a popular pastry makaruns / makarons or original dessert with mascarpone cream in a waffle cone.

Delicious and simple desserts on New Year's 2019 - what dessert to cook for Year of the Pig or Boar

Interesting, beautiful, and delicious small sweet pastries are very popular for baking at home, so, other recipes, I will not list Christmas desserts. If you want, the best new, traditional and unusual homemade cakes, original and inexpensive pastries, muffins delicious and affordable, step by step recipes with photos that are on the site, you will find yourself by clicking on the appropriate links.

to whip up Christmas desserts 2019

If you do not have enough time to prepare for the holiday dinner-party and Christmas pastries in 2019 for you at the time - a luxury, it is possible to prepare fast and easy Christmas dessert without baking. Garnish with such sweetness can be, for example, pieces of dried apricots or top with mandarin segments and can be simply sprinkled dessert orange zest or almond crumbs. Better to choose a Christmas dessert recipes contain nuts and honey. Desserts do not make too fat, a lot of sugar is best not to put. This category of sweets smartly fits dessert without baking of corn flakes and condensed milk, called the fir cones. Check out the video-recipe and see for yourself how easy and simple.

If you want the easiest and diet, cottage cheese and jelly dessert on New Year's Eve, then watch this video.

On this video recipe you can quickly and easily prepare delicious homemade sweets. Do not be fooled that the author presents as a vegan recipe. ???? Other detailed recipes for homemade sweets with step by step photos you can find by clicking the link above.

Well, on this our Christmas dessert recipes to year Pigs probably exhausted. If you approach the design of your holiday sweet dishes as a final chord, creatively, with attention to the preferences of the character of the coming year, and then the mood for the whole year, you will create a successful and everything goes the way you want. I hope that you were able to choose for your new menu, the most delicious and simple, beautiful, easy and fast, but it is original and unusual, affordable, low-calorie desserts and interesting New Year 2019.

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A happy and cheerful all the New Year!