New Year in China - video recipes at home

New Year in China - video recipes at home

Many New Year does not come into the house, if there is a festive table salad "Olivier", tangerines, holiday "lights" on TV, happy family gatherings, gifts and endless walks. Agree, it's hard to believe that somewhere on January 1 - is the average day, and he passes almost unnoticed. But such places are! China - a clear confirmation, because the Year of the Dragon, this time greeted January 23.

New Year in China - video recipes at home

New Year in China is quite different from ours, though, because every year is celebrated on a different date: here for example, the year of the Rabbit celebrated February 3rd. This is due to the fact that New Year in China occurs on the first new moon of spring and depends on the motion of the moon. Therefore, the Chinese New Year is called the Holiday of Spring - "Tsuntsze". And it lasts 15 days - the first day of the new moon to full moon. Even thousands of years ago, on the eve of the Spring Festival, the Chinese were locked in their homes, hiding from the mythical giant by the name of Nian. According to the legend, every year the giant getting out of the sea and destroying everything in its path. And only those who are sitting at home all night eating and drinking - were rescued. We ate in ancient China, the same as in the present. Chinese cuisine is perhaps one of the few preserved in pristine. Generally, for the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom any food - is not only a necessity, and ritual, but also a real treat. Necessity forced the Chinese people to learn to eat almost anything that grows on their land or move on it. So on the eve of the Spring Festival, to escape from the monster, the Chinese ate what was "rich": Figure, noodles, soy, bamboo germs,

New Year in China - video recipes at home

sesame oil. Notable Chinese could afford meat or fish. The most consumed meat in the Chinese view of the kitchen and there was a pork, especially quoted pork legs - it is a real delicacy. And still in the New Year's Eve roasted pork legs with sesame seeds - the main dish on the holiday table, just like we have a salad "Olivier". Of freshwater fish most in demand carp and bass, and from the sea - salmon, butt, tuna. Fish are usually prepared on a large frying pan, with the addition of oil and soybean sauce. From ancient times to the present day the Chinese are preparing for the New Year flour dish, wherein the flour is usually molyutsya house on a hand mill. It is made of flour Chinese do noodles - one of the most favorite dishes. Long noodle strings are seen in China as a symbol of long life - without it is impossible to meet the guests. Treating close flour threads, we thus wish them longevity. Later on the tables appeared cakes of flour, which for a long time called "barbaric" because in China they came from Central Asia. Such cakes usually sprinkle sesame seed oil and watered frequently have stuffing meat or vegetable. At dawn, when all the treats

have been eaten, the Chinese took to the streets to assess the damage caused by a giant, and check on their neighbors and relatives. This lasted until the moment when the Chinese people do not realize that you can scare Niana red and a loud noise. But the tradition to gather for dinner table remains. What do you think, why in the New Year the Chinese put on a red dress, noise, explode firecrackers and fireworks launch into the sky? Residents of China believe that a noise threshold protects the home from evil - a festive ritual protects people from evil spirits. By the way, the tradition of launching fireworks into the New Year came to Europe it is from China.

Before to celebrate the New Year, the Chinese are thoroughly clean your home, and in this we stand in solidarity with them: we do also believe that garbage is better to leave the old year. But in China the floor sweep from the threshold to the center of the room! After the house is cleaned, all brooms, dusters, dustpans removed in a secret place that no one could see during the holiday. The reason for this cleanliness to another legend, which says that the the gods during the New Year celebration overfly houses Chinese and give them the magic dust, which symbolizes happiness, wealth, longevity and success. Therefore, during the New Year celebration nobody cleaned - they are afraid with the dust and dirt swept away happy moments that will be in the coming year.

For the Chinese, as well as for us,

New Year's - a family holiday, when going for the dinner table closest people. New Year's Eve will never begin until the table does not sit all family members. To celebrate the New Year, guests do not come empty-handed, but with tangerines. Tradition to give the hosts two mandarin and tangerine other two receive from them was born around the year 1000 BC. e. In Chinese, the phrase "two Mandarin" is consonant with the word "gold", according to legend, the citrus bring a wealth of. The Chinese also believe that the New Year's Eve from the sky descend the gods, and the people must feed them well and cheer. Gods like products of soy beans and. In addition to the beans, bring a gift to the gods Figure which are called "Figure gods meeting". But in order to communicate with the spirits, on a festive table you need to put two red candles and incense. In ancient China, we are preparing special drinks, which are believed capable of extending the life of and protect from adversity. And you no champagne! Peach broth and wine, infused with pepper, cypress needles or plum blossoms, is welcomed in China New Year.

RECIPE noodles with lemon and chilli

It is necessary: ​​

150 g of egg noodles

1 lemon

1 h. L. dried coriander

3 tbsp. l. sesame oil (you can replace it with sunflower or olive)

2 h. L. Sahara

2 pod chili

2 tbsp. l. soy sauce

How to prepare:

1 Cook noodles as directed on the package.

2. Sauce: mix chopped chilli (seeded), peel and juice of one lemon. Lemon peel grate. For lemon and chilli, add salt, sugar, soy sauce, cilantro and vegetable oil. Mix everything.

3 sauce mixed with noodles. Chinese New Year dish is ready!