"Global" table for the New Year - video recipes at home

Meet the New Year rich table - a tradition of many nations. Now it is impossible to establish exactly when it appeared, but experts claim that this ritual many thousands of years. The custom of celebrating the New Year already existed in Mesopotamia in the third millennium BC.

In each country has its own "signature" dishes, which should not only decorate the holiday table, but also to bring good luck and happiness in the New Year. Without them it is impossible to triumph: every New Year - a special holiday, and the dishes have to be appropriate. The Americans, for example, on the table should be stuffed turkey, and in English - pudding, Romanians and Bulgarians - a cake with a surprise (with baked inside a coin) from the Dutch - soaked beans to torye symbolize prosperity, Italians - fish, grapes and nuts. But the main rule of each country - New Year's table must be rich!

Christmas drinks in the different countries is also different. English drink brandy, French and Italians - wine, Spanish - sherry. As far as our traditions, that all, without exception, know that our New Year's table can not be imagined without the salad, and a chiming clock, we fill a glass of champagne and make a wish.

If we talk about champagne,

Of course, the best versed in it French. And it is no coincidence, as the birthplace of champagne - French region of Champagne. Without sparkling wine, no holiday is complete in France, and New Year - is no exception. In addition to the champagne on the table a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, local cheeses, classic foie gras. Most important meal of the holiday - baked turkey. Only, do not serve it with potatoes, as they do in America, but with cranberry sauce and herbs. And, of course, many housewives are trying to apply to the New Year's table oyster, which is famous in France. In the Netherlands, a few weeks begin to stock up on beans - after the New Year holidays are not possible without them. According to ancient giving, they bring prosperity. Previously colored beans salted and soaked only in the home, family recipes, but now you can buy them at Christmas bazaars, then baked sweet donuts - only New Year treat.

Do your New Year delicacy and Swiss: without stick with pear stuffing New Year's table has no meaning! Gingerbread give relatives and friends, they decorate the house. Superstitious Swiss stash one pryanichek "luck", and get it from its hiding place to the next New Year.

In many countries around the world on New Year's cooked poultry. Turkey - New bird rightly so. In addition to France and the United States, the traditional large-sized Ptah prepared in Greece, England, Ireland, Holland. But in Germany, Austria and Hungary have a bird in the New Year is considered a bad omen. The superstitious believe that with the bird flies away from home happiness. The Czechs, Slovakia, Danish and Italians does not represent a festive table without fish. These people believe that fish brings happiness into the house, so the more it is, the better. The Czech Republic baked carp in sour cream, and Italy - sea fish cooked on the grill. And here at the Poles neither fish nor fowl, not held in high esteem, even though Polish Christmas table really bursts with treats. According to ancient belief, if you want to be successful in the New Year on the table must be is not less than twelve dishes, by the number of months in a year. Dishes are prepared mainly from cereals and vegetables, the more "healthy" in the world to find the New Year! RECIPE OF CARP with sour cream in Czech

It is necessary: ​​

2 kg of carp

200 g of cream 15%

3 garlic cloves

bunch of dill

Salt and pepper to taste.

4 tbsp. l. coarse salt (for baking)

How to prepare:

1. clean the fish, remove the gills. Rub carp salt and pepper.

2 Finely chop the dill and garlic. Garlic and herbs fills the belly of the fish.

3. Baking cover coarse salt, put it carp and bake 60 minutes. in the oven at 200 ° C.

4 After the carp little browned (20 minutes), it must be removed and grease-lubricated cream.

BTW: carp served on the table with fresh vegetables and herbs. In the Czech Republic before serving carp draw mesh mayonnaise.