All - to New Year's table! - video recipes at home

All - to New Year's table! - video recipes at home

If you look out the window, something not very hard to believe that soon New Year. But this is not surprising. Year after year, the approach of the holiday due to insufficient "winter" weather for some reason is not felt. But there are very little time ... To celebrate the holiday according to the rules and not to lose face in front of the owner of 2012 - Black and blue (although in some places they write that he gold) Dragon, today should consider, to write New Year's menu, and to serve as the New Year's table.

In Russia New Year's Day has always been distinguished friendliness and hospitality. It decided to celebrate at home, but to go to the guests after the fight chimes are not even forbidden, and vice versa - very welcome. Traditionally it is taken to invite guests (the more, the better). And what is generally covered and lay the table! Our ancestors was reserved for New Year's table, all very tasty. Modern housewife - is no exception. And today decided to recall New Year recipes and please yourself and loved ones with original culinary creations.

When Peter I, issued a decree

celebrate the New Year is not September 1 and January 1, New Year's table food abundance did not differ, Christmas recipes were scarce. Gluttony was not honored, all rejoiced and had fun till you drop, danced, played snowballs and shoot fireworks. From the middle of the XIX century, the focus began to pay pickles. To the table was served pie kinds with different fillings, jelly, compotes, broths, fish different and every fine dining. Bird and game to the table is not allowed: common belief that too frisky were free life representatives of the animal world, and so can be in a "ready" as a "blow" of the house good luck and happiness. The main New Year's dish of the XIX century was considered as a young pig - a sign of wealth and fertility. Stuffed pig different fillings, usually - buckwheat, and placed in the center of the table.

Saying "as the New Year meet, so spend it" has not been canceled, and therefore in the twentieth and twenty-first century is not accepted to be greedy when setting the table for the New Year.

And, most importantly, do not forget about tradition. Grieve not the first of the older generation of lack of lettuce "Olivier", mandarins and herring under coat on New Year table. Dragon is not against tradition! And all the guests - the joy! According to Chinese astrology, Dragon - active, smart, confident, enterprising, versatile, careful and lucky. Dragon - one of the strongest and happiest Eastern Zodiac, fiery, energetic in everything he a fighter and a winner. He is given much, and more will be demanded from him. In Dragon wide soul, kind heart and generous attitude towards others.

According to the Chinese horoscope New Year - 2012 - Year Black and Blue Water Dragon. 2012 - leap year, starting on Sunday. This 2012 BC 12 years Millennium III 12 years of the XXI century, year 2 of the 2nd decade of the XXI century. Leap year happens every 4 years when in February, not 28, and 29 days, and those who are born on February 29, is finally able to celebrate his birthday. Dragon - a surplus of vitality and good luck, the water - a symbol of wisdom and purity, so that 2012 should be a good year. According to the Chinese calendar year Black and Blue Water Dragon will continue with January 23, 2012 to February 10, 2013. But we will meet New Year from December 31 to January 1. You can, of course, and not to follow Eastern traditions. But somehow it has become a tradition in recent years, our Russian reality that we remember that the next 2012 - Year Dragon. So let it be in China, it will come later -we by tradition will be prepared in advance and meet him a little earlier. As, however, comes from year to year. And nothing, used to!