New Year in Indonesia - video recipes at home

New Year in Indonesia - video recipes at home

Do you know how many islands in Indonesia? A few years ago, a local resident of Bali to learn that Russia has only one "island", told me that this should be a very small country, because in Indonesia of 13, 677. It is home to 150 people and at the same time they are at different stages cultural development. The main inhabitants are Javanese, Balinese, Malay and immigrant Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs and Dutch. The dominant religion is Islam, but Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism spread quite widely. All these factors contributed to the formation of special traditions that are unique to the Indonesians. But today we will talk, perhaps, the most famous of all Russian island in Indonesia - Bali and the Balinese New Year celebration.

New Year in Indonesia - video recipes at home

In Bali, the New Year they meet more often than others. Peaceful Balinese celebrate not only the European New Year, but also Chinese, Islamic and Hindu-Balinese. And all of these are considered to be state holidays.

Indo-Balinese New Year (Nyepi)

The biggest holiday of the year, followed by numerous ceremonies, celebrated in all parts of Bali, is the New Year's Indo-Balinese calendar. It's called Nyepi ( "purification"). According to the Gregorian calendar, this holiday is in March-April. In just a few weeks before Nyepi starts big and serious preparation. Women cook rice and various seasonings to it for the crowded meals, the girls do the dishes for the meal. Utensils made of pumpkin, dry palm leaves and flowers.

New Year in Indonesia - video recipes at home

From rice flour to bake cakes or round shape in the form of a bird, the dough for tortillas colored fruit juices in pink or green. Men slaughtered animals and prepare meat dishes.

The second day of the New Year, or Day of Silence, Balinese spend at home in the narrow family circle. Dinner that day is ample, but consists of only prepared the day before meals. On this day, the Balinese do not eat hot, t. To. The use of fire is impossible. Cooked without salt rice stack slide into new dishes, woven from the leaves and put in front of each member of the family.

Meat sauce and herbs served separately to each dish. In wealthier families eat grilled buffalo meat, and in families with low incomes served roast pork or chicken.

Ritual meat dish served very original: different size pieces of meat strung on a bamboo cone-shaped wand vertically stuck in a piece of banana tree trunk. Rice and palm wine are essential attributes of the New Year's table.

Chinese New Year ( Imlek )

Chinese and Islamic New Year is determined by the lunar calendar. Therefore, this day changes every year. Chinese New Year is usually celebrated in February - March, marking it as much as in China.

New Year in Indonesia - video recipes at home

New Year's Eve decided to meet at the home of a senior member of the family. New Year's table is given special attention, because the rich table - a sign of abundance in the coming year.

Each product has its own value. On the table there is always fish, rice and seafood. Ethnic Chinese living in Indonesia, cook Indonesian dishes. For example, the layers of traditional Indonesian treats "Cue lapis", which is a cake, symbolize stage to achieve any purpose. Another popular dish is "Zong Qi" - rice wrapped in reed leaves. But tofu never appears on the holiday table, as its white color portends death and disease.

New Year in Indonesia - video recipes at home

In order to organize a separate table of sweets. Basically, it presented different varieties of candy, fruit and nuts. Guests should be sure to try the delicacy, which means sweet and satisfying beginning of the year.

Islamic New Year

The first day of the holy Muslim month of Muharram is considered the beginning of the New Year. He also calculated according to the lunar calendar and can fall on any month of the year from January to December. Traditionally, the first day of the holy month of every believer should visit an Indonesian mosque and listen to the sermon. In addition to the first day of Muharamma, it is festive and Ashura - the tenth day. Faithful Ashura necessarily attend mosque and participate in common prayer. Holiday feast usually not satisfied, ie. K. Aashooraa noted compliance 2-or 3-day fast.

European New Year (Experience bar masehi)

European center for the celebration of the New Year in Indonesia is also the island of Bali. Traditionally, Balinese organize a carnival procession and all participants must be in bright carnival costumes. Carnival takes place on the main road in Denpasar, on 31 December.

New Year is usually found in the same way as in any other country in the world. Even a traditional spruce and pine, which are planted in the yard.

Solemn feast is mandatory and the main part of any Indonesian holiday. Preference is given to the national cuisine based on local produce.

New Year in Indonesia - video recipes at home

This is the perfect time not so accessible to tourists Balinese food can be enjoyed in the restaurant. Worth a try "Bebek here" (duck with all sorts of spices for cooking which takes up to 12 hours), "udang Besar" (A selection of jumbo shrimp), "Tschumi, Tschumi" (squid barbecue) and "ikan pepes" (fish on a skewer, banana wrapped in a sheet).

New Year in Indonesia - video recipes at home

If after some time you feel hungry again, then taste "Lavar" (the thinnest slices of meat or fish) or "Semur lidah" ​​(pork or beef tongue stewed in soy sauce). And for dessert, do not forget to order "Pisang goreng" (fried bananas in the test).

New Year in Indonesia - video recipes at home

In Bali it is believed that the New Year need to meet as much as possible - in new clothes and with a full stomach. It will bring good luck, wealth and prosperity for the next 12 months.