Nowruz: New Year among the spring! - video recipes at home

Nowruz: New Year among the spring! - video recipes at home

The translation from Farsi Nowruz represents "new day". Nowruz, celebrated March 21, considered in Central Asia and the beginning of the New Year in the Middle East. "Persian New Year" is not by chance coincides with the spring equinox, because, above all, a celebration of the awakening of all living things from the cold winter.

March 21 - the only day of the year when daylight is the night, exactly 12 hours. And still, in this day seasons change in the hemisphere: in the southern autumn comes, the north - spring.

By the way, the ancient pagan Slavs New Year is also celebrated on this day. And only in the XIV century Simeon Proud suffered Spring New Year on September 1, which is called the Harvest Festival.

Nowruz holiday originated in ancient Iran and inseparably linked to the cult of the sun. On this day, the ancient Persian kings wore on her head a crown with the image of the sun's annual cycle, participated in worship at the Temple of Fire and handing out lavish gifts subjects. In the Middle Ages in different Muslim nations Navruz lasted thirteen days. At the end of the celebrations people out in the field, where he celebrated the New Year - this was a tradition believed that the one who will come out in the field, will be happy for a year. So far, it is believed that the actions and deeds committed during Nowruz, people will continue and throughout the coming year. Therefore made on this festive occasion to forgive debts, forget grudges, check out previously initiated the case, have fun and do not offend God.

These days a lot of attention is paid to the arrival of the first guest. By giving the nature and destiny of the human will to personalize Year: kind, generous, mean, sick or cheerful.

Nowruz: New Year among the spring! - video recipes at home

On the eve of the holiday, until the rising of the morning star, you must complete all the household chores: cooking, thorough cleaning of housing and dressing rooms with flowering branches of trees. Particular attention is paid to the clothes: many believe that the holiday is better to meet in a new beautiful dress. Navruz, as any New Year, first and foremost a family holiday. Typically, the first star of the family sits at the covered and lit desk. Festive table Navruz is covered under Rule "Haft-Sin": must be seven (Haft) products whose names begin with the Arabic letter "syn":

sendzhed - olive tree - a symbol of love;

sib - apples - a symbol of beauty and health;

Ser - garlic - the symbol of medicine;

Samana - bread cake - a symbol of prosperity;

Sabzi - Green (sprouted grain) - a symbol of the rebirth of nature;

Serke - vinegar - a symbol of wisdom and patience;

somag - sumac (fruit of the tree Rhus cotinu) - a symbol of the dawn.

In addition to the "Haft-Sin", put on the table mirror, and light on the number of family members of the white candles that can not be put out until they are completely vaporized.

A special place in the celebration of Nowruz takes cooking "ritual food." Treats on the table symbolize the fertility of man and nature.

There are some dishes that are cooked only on Nowruz. This sumalyak, Halim and a special pilaf. As you know, in late March, has not yet matured a new crop, and is "hibernating" fruits and vegetables for the New Year is not accepted. Sumalak - excellent gastronomic solution: it is made from wheat germ. Fresh, young, full of energy shoots symbolize the beginning of a new life. Long before the holiday about two weeks, on wide dish seeded wheat or lentils. Occasion of green shoots should reach 10 centimeters and be a wonderful decoration of the table. And 2 days before New Year's wheat germinated once again to prepare the main dish - sumalyak.

Nowruz: New Year among the spring! - video recipes at home

Germinated grain was passed through a meat grinder, "stuffing" obtained is put into the kettle and poured water, add flour and boiled for 10-12 hours. Often in the cauldron lay smooth pebbles and walnuts in the shell - to the festive brew is not burnt.

Sumalak tastes like halva and is incredibly useful product: it has a lot of essential vitamins and amino acids. And to whom will fall while eating a nut or stone, lucky: this is a very good sign.

If sumalyak - this is purely a woman's business, the Halim - it is the prerogative of men. During the preparation of sumalak women should sing folk songs, dancing around a huge cauldron, not forgetting periodically stir the meal. On the morning of New Year's dish is ready. It is poured into a porcelain or earthenware bowl, and rebyatnya goes to the neighbors and gives the dish. Their portion is also obtained all the relatives who took part in the preparation of sumalak.

Halim preparing a little differently. Men in the kettle was placed seven cereal species, peas, Vegetables and delicious, freshest ovine. These products should seethe until smooth state. Halim also laid the man on the plates.

come to the feast the guests and relatives of the head of the house holds a dish with barely sprouted grains that eating represents introduction to the revival of all living things.

Each family shares his meals with our closest neighbors - is a long-standing tradition that is revered. It considers how much you gave to neighbors dishes, the same dishes and come back to you, but with a new content. New Year celebration is not limited to the abundant and generous table. On this day children collected snowdrops go from house to house and sing songs about Navruz, and this endows them for sweets and gifts. This cheerful ritual similar to the familiar Christmas carols. On the streets of performing artists with songs and jokes.

Salad "Navruz"

Suite of products used to prepare this salad, spring. He beautifully embodies the Persian New Year!

Nowruz: New Year among the spring! - video recipes at home


It is necessary: ​​

Bell peppers (red, yellow, green) - on 1 piece, Chives and various herbs, lettuce

2 cucumbers

150 g of cherry tomatoes

200 g cheese

1 lemon

50 g of cream

Salt and pepper to taste


1. Peppers and cucumber peel and cut into strips.

2 Green onions and lettuce chopped, cherry tomatoes cut in half.

3 brynza cut into large squares.

4 Salad dressing: Lemon juice mixed with sour cream, soy sauce and pepper.