New Year in the Eternal City - video recipes at home

New Year in the Eternal City - video recipes at home

Unlike a family, cozy, more or less noisy Christmas, New Year in Italy - "off" festival, in the sense that the New Year's Eve often spend

New Year in the Eternal City - video recipes at home

in restaurants, discos, in the squares during the numerous concerts or just on the streets. Fixed tradition - Spoon with a slice of cooked lentils COTECHINO, very oily pork sausage, which must eat at midnight or immediately after it. And, of course, the Champagne, a lot of cold bubbly champagne after loudly counting the last seconds of the year. Shortly after midnight, the fireworks begin, lasting for at least 20 minutes, maybe more, music, song, dance, fun ... If you are celebrating the New Year in a restaurant, then on each table will certainly lie packaging serpentine, confetti, whistles, masks, paper caps and other tinsel that - that wonders - all goes to the cause, and serious adult people suddenly start to fool around, puts on a mask, play the pipe, throwing a serpentine ribbons and enthusiastically play "train" to the sound of rousing music.

New Year in the Eternal City - video recipes at home

How to attract good luck?

There are a few "rules" correct wiring of the outgoing year and a new meeting. It is believed that the noise of the fireworks can help ward off negative energy, and discarding the junk out of the window - say goodbye to the past and make room for anything new. January 1st it would be nice to start 12 different things to gain success in any endeavor. In the New Year's Eve, it is desirable to put on red underwear, but not some, as a gift from friends or loved ones that it would be nice to throw the next day, and certainly not in any case do not put it on again the next New Year. And if you want to congratulate someone close and beloved - moisten the left index finger in a glass of champagne and strike the ear of the elect. And finally let in your pockets in New Year's Eve will be a handful of grain, it is to bring good luck and izoblilie you and your family. Show and ... bread!

In addition to the above rituals to attract good luck, there is food, a kind of products, mascots, which should be eaten in the New Year's Eve, and that most certainly will bring you happiness, joy and luck.

Lentils - considered to be the most successful food-almost a talisman. And the fact that during the preparation of lentils expands - another confirmation of abundance. In addition, it is easy to germinate grain lentil associated with the arrival of the New Year.

Grapes - this fruit is considered the spiritual symbol of health and happiness.

Seeds and seedlings - welcome to the New Year's table, because their taste is take a "dormant" in their energy.

Garnet - since ancient times is the symbol of love and affection.

Nuts and dried fruits - Our ancestors believed that hazelnuts - a symbol of fertility, so in northern Europe was even a tradition to add them to the wedding menu. And walnuts are considered to be prophetic: you just have to hold the nut in the hand for 10 minutes and throw it into the fire, if the nut burst - year will be good. Sst few almond nuts meant to discover the mystery of the addition, almond is also a symbol of love and happiness. And finally: raisins symbolizes money, figs, according to the Bible, it brings abundance and dates have magical qualities for health. It is believed that good luck bring all the fruit, ripening in the shell or in a dense shell, which protects them from any external factors. Especially good razor or very hard shell, because if she defended her delicate fruit, make sure you protect and the one who has this fruit. Also considered favorable results, consisting of a plurality of grains, particularly sweet and juicy (as garnet or fig).