How to decorate a festive New Year's table in 2014, a year the horse on the eastern calendar, photo, video

According to the Eastern calendar, each year is marked by a particular animal. Therefore, design and tableware, the selection of dishes in the New Year's menu varies according to which animal will be the host of the coming year.

The coming 2014 will be the year of the Blue (some sources Green) Wooden Horses. Unlike the traditional New Year's table, this time will be given to the tree and decorations, décor and fabrics have to choose blue, blue and green colors. Those colors that are not characteristic of this horse, for example, purple, lilac, red or yellow is better to exclude from the New Year's decor this year.

How to decorate a festive New Year's table in 2014, a year the horse on the eastern calendar, photo, video How to decorate a festive New Year's table in 2014, a year the horse on the eastern calendar, photo, video

Clean, pleasant and fresh aromas of forest, field, grain, freshly baked bread will be very appropriate in this New Year's Eve. Preference in the New Year menu at this time should be given to all kinds of baked goods and other dishes made from flour, flavored with fresh herbs, vegetables and salads from them, all kinds of cheeses, egg dishes, mushrooms and will be absolutely perfect if you manage to get on New Year's table 2014 year real mare. If not, then too upset especially not worth it.

Everyone knows that a favorite treat horses - oats. Therefore, it is possible to put into the middle of the table a symbolic meal with traditional English porridzhem or germinated oats, wheat can.

As you know, the horse is not a meat-eater, so when planning a menu on New Year's table in 2014 should give preference to vegetarian salads, snacks and other holiday dishes. Choosing a Christmas dessert is better to bake a cake with apples, prunes or pumpkin, and it is possible and oatmeal cookies. Of alcoholic beverages in the New Year's Eve is better to do only champagne. From the use of stronger drinks that night oriental calendar recommends resist. But you can use any non-alcoholic beverages: juices, mineral water, fruit drinks, vitamin personally made lemonade.

Blue-green horse, the owner, will be satisfied if you are for it under the Christmas tree pokladete a loaf of black bread with salt and two bowls: one - the water, the other - with hay. Hay to put a beautiful lace red color, which symbolizes the bridle.

We can not forget about Christmas candles! Without them, the New Year's holiday decorations will not be completed. Of course, in 2014 it will be a candle-horse. Collection of Christmas candles in the year of the Blue wooden horse found in the video:

And another very important point for the hosts !!! Preparation of New Year dishes to finish this time, a few hours before midnight, t. To. In Chinese tradition for a couple or three hours before the New Year a knife in his hands to take better not, t. To. Can inadvertently "cut" the suitable happiness fate. To believe or not to believe in this New Year's eastern omen - decide.

Serve an festive New Year's table in 2014 is better best to use linen white tablecloths and nicely folded napkins. You can use a combination of white with blue and green colors. Rings for registration napkins can make your own and decorate them with beads, ribbons, jewelry and crafts made of wood, bark, cones ...

Since the elements of the Blue wooden horse - a tree, on a festive table you can put a wooden bowl and decorating Christmas table do not forget the wooden, porcelain, crystal and glass figurines and souvenirs in the form of horses, and of course about the horseshoe and bells. Horseshoe brings good luck to your home, and the ringing of bells will notify about the arrival of long-awaited guests.

We offer video from the photo with the ideas of how to decorate the Christmas table, decorate and serve it in the colors and style of the upcoming 2014, the year of Horses:

Everything, everything, everything - good and good New Year !!!

After a year of horse, on the eastern calendar year comes a goat. And here is the nuances and subtleties of the New Year and in the decoration of the premises, and in the design and decoration of the New Year's table.