The story of one Herring under a fur coat - video recipes at home

In general, according to the rules of etiquette, there are three ways to communicate with herring.

The story of one Herring under a fur coat - video recipes at home

The first - a vegetarian. Let her go to the blue sea, three wishes.

Second - Odessa. Buy it at "Privoz" and fool her head.

The third - the traditional. Bite it what you drink.

Perhaps for this and it came. But I do not answer. Herring, especially under a fur coat, a very mysterious person. Who, for example, knows where she bought his famous coat? There are two versions.

The first version - evolutionary. According to her, the only dish that is eaten in Russia since the days of the Nativity - the Herring under a fur coat. In Russia in general it was cool, so no one had not occurred to offer fish umbrella. Russian fur is famous for since ancient times all over Europe. Therefore, the fish offered a fur coat. Fur coat was decorated with various root vegetables, potatoes about then, as you know, even the speech was not about mayonnaise, too. Well, onion there morkovochka, the egg from hen Ryaba. In general, that was, what a shame to cover up. It was, so to speak, the prototype of the famous dress. Oh, and vodka then also did not exist. But rumors about the new-fangled invention, the enhanced use of the trade route from the Vikings to the Greeks, spread quickly throughout Europe. The British began to call him dressed herring or herring under a fur coat, French - Le hareng en fourrure, and the Spaniards were not able to translate and left as is - Sel'd 'Pod Shuboi. Following the trend of fashion, many designers are more and more varied basic model. Since 1765 appeared in Russia a potato, it was immediately sewn on the lining. At the beginning of the XIX century brought from France mayonnaise with him the coat has become glamorous.

The story of one Herring under a fur coat - video recipes at home

And, of course, in the tradition of indisputable fashion houses specifically for the line "Shuba" a great perfumer our Dmitri Mendeleev released in 1865 spirits "Vodka". However, evil tongues say so far that it was a rip-off. The second version - a revolutionary. According to it, he created a fur coat for herring on the eve of the new 1919 Aristarchus Prokoptsev - cook restaurant owned by one of the Moscow merchants - Anastasia Bogomilovu. The merchant did not like that the revolutionary events provoke unrest with the smashing of dishes in its restaurant. He asked the chef to designate places in the ideological direction of the menu, so it is desirable to combine the guests and not to offend the new government. That is what the chef did. Each ingredient was symbolic of the new dishes: herring symbolize the proletariat, being one of the favorite dishes of the revolutionary class. Potatoes, carrots and onions - growing out of the ground - represented the peasantry. Beets became the red flag of revolution and French mayonnaise reminiscent of its predecessor - the fighters of the French Revolution. The name was appropriate: "chauvinism and The decline - Boycott and Anathema" and abbreviated - "U. S. BA ".

The story of one Herring under a fur coat - video recipes at home

Salad liked visitors: they actively ate, got drunk less and less fighting.

It should be noted, however, that then began a long period of degradation of coats of models. He has been associated with excessive and infamous fashion mayonnaise. More recently, we have seen a situation in which not only a fur coat on herring, but also the diversity of the former kitchen has been reduced to mayonnaise with various fillings. The more the mayonnaise, the allegedly tastier.

This year, we have every opportunity to participate in the revival of art, so to speak, in the renaissance of herring under a fur coat. To this end, we offer our readers not only recipes "Herring under a fur coat" haute couture of the genre, but also a refined recipe of mayonnaise from the Gordon Ramsay!

So, to start, mayonnaise.

The story of one Herring under a fur coat - video recipes at home

It is necessary: ​​ 4 large egg yolks 2 h. L. white wine vinegar

2 h. L. mustard (preferably English)

2 1/2 cups peanut or olive oil

1-2 tbsp. l. cold water

salt and pepper - to taste

How to prepare: Place egg yolk, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper in a blender and blend until a thick cream. With the blender slowly pour the oil. Add water. Store in the refrigerator in a sealed container for 3 days.

And, finally, the Herring under a fur coat!

The first recipe historical salad in a new way we were able to enjoy in "Barbara Bar". So…

The Bohemian coat

The story of one Herring under a fur coat - video recipes at home

It is necessary: ​​ (1 serving)

60 g of boiled beet

1 g of agar

20 g cooked carrots

50 g of herring

30 g of boiled potatoes

20 g of mayonnaise

1 cherry tomato - for decoration

basil green - for decoration

Sauce: 2 g orange tobiko

2 g of black tobiko

2 gram onion shallot

10 ml of olive oil

How to prepare: 1. In heatproof bowl, using a blender to make a puree of beets. Add the agar-agar and bring to a boil.

2. The resulting mass pour into a flat form of 1 cm height and allow to cool.

3. Carrots and potatoes grate and season with mayonnaise separately.

4. Herring fillet cut into small cubes.

5. From the frozen jelly cut two circles.

6. Use of the culinary ring lay layers jelly beet, mayonnaise carrot chopped herring, seasoned potatoes and beet top jelly.

7. For the sauce, finely chopped onion, shallot and tobiko caviar mixed with olive oil.

The second variation we cooked famous chef Eugene Malyutin. Meet!

Vanguard coat

The story of one Herring under a fur coat - video recipes at home

must: (in 3 portions)

120 g of mayonnaise

80 g of herring

20 g of apple

1 boiled egg

30 g cooked carrots

50 g of boiled potatoes

50 g of boiled beet

30 crayfish

shallot olive oil 15-20 ml

3 molds in the form of fish

How to prepare: 1. Grease the form of butter.

2. Separate the yolks from the protein. Rub the yolk and white on a grater.

3. Grate beets, carrots, potatoes and apples.

4. Put salad layers: lower layer - the yolk, then - beets mixed with mayonnaise. Next, a layer of grated protein. Then a layer of crayfish. After that - a layer of grated carrots with mayonnaise. Thin layer shallots. An Apple. Sliced ​​herring. Grated potatoes with mayonnaise.

5. Seal the shape of an upside down as it should be cooled.

6. If desired, decorate with olives and carrots.

And finally, the hit of the season: nano-coat with baked potatoes from the collection of h Aute couture. She cooked us a chef restobara "Spotlight" Maxim Myasnikov.

The story of one Herring under a fur coat - video recipes at home

It is necessary: ​​ (1 serving)

1 small potato

40 g of boiled beet

70 g of herring fillets

1 egg

1 carrot

chard salad beam

1/4 of a small red onion

1 tbsp. l. sunflower oil

20 g of the sauce aioli

How to prepare: 1. Potatoes washed, wrapped in foil and bake at 180 ° C for 30 minutes.

2. burn the potatoes until a black crust. Make incisions on top, open and pour the sunflower oil.

3. Cut the herring fillets on a plate.

4. Cover the herring beetroot, cut into thin circles, and a salad of chard and chopped red onion.

5. Serve with boiled egg, sliced ​​carrots and aioli sauce.

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