Useful gifts in Year of the Dragon - video recipes at home

Useful gifts in Year of the Dragon - video recipes at home
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Useful gifts in Year of the Dragon - video recipes at home

On the right in the kitchen gifts that are useful to each


Author: Catherine Stolyarchuk

Useful gifts in Year of the Dragon - video recipes at home

The majority of people in anticipation of the holidays rush in search of Christmas gifts at the last minute. In this situation, before you buy a gift, you also need to figure out how to do what he would really come in handy, and brought joy.

Useful gifts in Year of the Dragon - video recipes at home

There are gifts that are useful to each owner, and everyone sitting at the New Year's table will be able to assess their worth. To make a useful gift carried a still bit of Christmas atmosphere, you can combine business with pleasure, and select a theme gift. The coming year - the year of the Black Dragon in the Chinese calendar. Space, the item - water color - black. In China, the Dragon symbolizes happiness and good luck.

Christmas gifts with the image of the symbol of the coming year will enjoy great popularity. According to the Eastern tradition, if you give something to the image of the Dragon, it is for the entire year will be to protect a house from harm and luck will come to the house. Thus gift can be dishcloth, mug, set to tea ceremony, or cooking land. Gifts for Seniors, accustomed to things practical, in addition to the aesthetic qualities should contain and functionality. Of course, any grandmother would be delighted first of all the attention from the beloved children and grandchildren, but in this age of technology, we are able to facilitate and beautify our home life. Here, depending on the price range, you can offer a comprehensive range of gifts: the elderly are very serious health issues, so a good option would be water filter, the blessing in stores you can find dozens of models in all price categories. It is also important to remember that our grandparents often do not have the usual, it would seem, at home things: electric, microwave, blender, Grinder. But do not forget - if you give the elderly, home appliances, take the time and effort in order to help them to understand the control of the instrument.

Home Appliances will be a good gift for people of all ages. Fridge with fresh area keep food for the holiday table as long as possible; Steamer will take care of a healthy diet; Bakery will save the time and effort spent on the cake and allow to always have on the table a fresh warm bread; Juicer give vitamins - fresh from New Year's tangerine delight both children and adults. After a celebratory feast indispensable assistant will be dish Machine - if a family often gather large companies, you will approach a built-in or freestanding dishwasher to 9 or 12 sets of dishes, well, for a narrow family circle well enough will be more budget options for 6 sets. Good housewives, in which, it would seem, and so have all the possible new items, can offer such unusual things as fondyushnitsa or waffle iron.

Men may like special wine cooler or Mini Brewery. Of budget options - apron, decorated with humor. Many men have been cooking splendidly, and a new thing they will have an extra incentive to show their talents!

In addition to household appliances, there are a lot of inexpensive but very nice gifts. The man, in turn, can please a loved one who disappears for days at work, sending it on New Year bouquet of chocolate or strawberry.

For those who like to surprise, a new type of packaging. Roll present in a tin and put on the table - the element of surprise will be provided.

For the friends and colleagues, you can select any of the huge variety in form and price of kitchen utensils: colored pan, beautifully decorated kits seasoning, form to baking, stand a hot, tins to ice in the form of christmas firs magnets to refrigerator in the form of dragons. As close as possible to please all kinds of gifts, prepared with their own hands. Help your child make a Christmas sandwiches in the form of animals or sculpt Christmas fir of the marzipan and decorate it with colored balls. Marzipan is sold in almost any large supermarket

Options there is great variety of gifts, as long as they were given from the heart and with love. And men when choosing a gift for a loved one would like to remind the worldly wisdom of giving the beloved frying pan, you risk the next time receive a gift of a drill.