Year of the Black Water Snake: how to set the table? - video recipes at home

Year of the Black Water Snake: how to set the table? - video recipes at home

As our ancestors said: "As the New Year meet, so spend it." Therefore, like hundreds of years ago, the New Year's table in Russia had to be rich, so in the coming year, there was an abundance and prosperity. Fruit, fig, wheat and nuts - symbols of wealth, obligatory components and home decoration New Year's table.

However, we have not only to follow the old Russian traditions and rites, but also look back at our neighbors to the east - the Chinese. According to the Chinese calendar coming in 2013 - the year of the Black Water Snake, so you need to think more about how to please the mistress of the coming year. After Snake attacks when hungry or disturbed - Serpent better good feed.

The Chinese believe that the snake - a big fan of gourmet food and fine dining. Although in essence it is an omnivorous creature, a snake with extreme caution and carefully choose the food. She will never eat stale or unknown to her dishes, so the New Year's table should avoid all kinds of canned food, semi-finished or completely unfamiliar products. Remember that the snake prefers only dishes made with fresh ingredients, cooked on the day of use, rather than the day before.

When selecting dishes for New Year's table according to the Eastern calendar, should take into account not only the characteristics of the future and preferences mascot, but his poems.

So the snake eats meat, fish and eggs, and tends to be a luxury. Therefore, a number of original dishes of meat of large and small animals as well as birds, to propitiate the hostess of the coming year. First of all, she will be thrilled with stewed or baked hare or rabbit.

Year of the Black Water Snake: how to set the table? - video recipes at home

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Prepare all your treats a wide margin, as the snake - a lover to eat and can become angry, if the food will end early.

Snake 2013 - water, and loves to seafood and fish, so that on New Year's table, are quite appropriate and fish dishes. The presence of fish - a must! But do not forget that the fish must be fresh and preferably a noble - salmon, starlet, Dorado, etc. You can offer your visitors: .. fish snack, seafood salads, jellied fish, and the standard sandwiches with caviar replaced by something more sophisticated, such as canape with red caviar.

Year of the Black Water Snake: how to set the table? - video recipes at home

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The snake - a lover of eggs and, consequently, a variety of egg dishes will be more than appropriate.

Year of the Black Water Snake: how to set the table? - video recipes at home

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Of the desserts, too, do not forget. According to Feng Shui, the snake symbolizes an unusual, creative approach. In order to win the favor of this wise being, it is necessary to fit all the most creative and desserts here to help you. Bake the pie in the form of a serpent, cut and place pineapple on a plate in the form of a snake rings or to give the ice cream a bizarre shape. Pay particular attention to drinks. Be sure to put on the table pure water, the element of of the coming year. And selecting alcoholic beverages for New Year's table, do not forget that the snake - lady exquisite and capricious, and prefer something expensive and quality. Whiskey, Cognac, wine and Champagne, for example, it is quite like.

And finally, do not forget the serving decorated table and. Will be appropriate to the presence of black, green, silver, blue and blue Color in cookware and tablecloths with napkins . Snake like everything that shines, glitters and sparkles - table Silver and crystal glasses will fall to the place, as ever.

Snakes do not like open spaces and unfamiliar surroundings, so the better the coming year to meet at home. However, this does not mean that your celebration to be quiet. On the contrary, according to Chinese belief, the snake - the creation of a carnival. Therefore, organizing noisy and incendiary party, you allow into your home good luck and success, which is sure to bring a symbol of the year!