Norway is not a holiday without the porridge - video recipes at home

Norway is not a holiday without the porridge - video recipes at home
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Rice-cream dessert is prepared in every home, and believe that

Christmas without it will not come.

Norway - the leader on catching red fish: salmon, salmon and trout. This fish is recognized as the most useful due to polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3, which reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The best proof of this - rare cases of heart attacks and strokes among themselves Norwegians.

The most popular dish, as recognized in the country National - "Klops" - small meatballs in sauce. As a rule, they are prepared from fish, but sometimes meat. Klops fish is usually served in a white sauce made of sour cream, and always with lots of greenery and a beer, which here, as well as in Denmark, is very popular.

gratin of red fruits with anise liqueur

This hot dessert in cooler days warm

your hearts.

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In Norway, as in the rest of Scandinavia, it is growing a lot of edible mushrooms. But, alas, for them in the woods nobody goes. Moreover, it is considered shameful. Norwegians prefer mushrooms from the supermarket, mushrooms.

If you are accustomed to eating porridge for breakfast in Russia, the porridge is cooked on holiday in Norway. Rice cream dessert "Riskrem" is prepared for Christmas in every home, assign it a special place of honor at the table, and believe that Christmas is not coming without him. Make "Riskrem" of cold rice porridge, which pour heavy cream, add the ground almonds and the vanilla sugar. Separately to this dish serves fragrant berry sauce or caramel syrup.


It is necessary: ​​

500 g of fish fillets

25 g lard

1 tbsp. l. butter

1 large onion

1 slice of bread

2 tbsp. l. condensed milk


Red pepper

Finely chopped parsley

For the sauce:

1 tbsp. l. (With slide) butter

1.4 liters of milk

1 cup yogurt


1 tbsp. l. Caper

Lemon juice

How to cook fiskebollar - fish klops

  1. Fish fillets crank through a meat grinder.
  2. bacon, diced, melt in a pan, add butter and finely chopped onion and lightly fry it.
  3. A slice of bread to soak and stretch.
  4. All the components of the mix, add salt, add the red pepper and parsley.
  5. Sformovat small meatballs and boil in lightly boiling water. Boil for 20 minutes.
  6. starch to dissolve in the milk, pour in broth and boil. Then add the capers, lemon juice and yogurt.
  7. Fish meatballs in the sauce boil for a bit on a very low heat.
  8. Serve "Fiskebollar - fish klops" with boiled potatoes.