How to dilute the cream powder - video recipes at home

Before using dry cream in the preparation of pastries, drinks or dishes, pay attention to information given on the product packaging. Dry cream usually suitable mainly for supplementing beverages or sauces. Whipped into a thick mass of such powders is difficult. Baking creams and apply only those that contain in their composition thickeners.

There are several varieties of dried cream, which differ in their compositions. There are products made from whole milk. However, most of the stores there are powdered mixtures, which are obtained by processing starch syrup with the addition of vegetable oil and other optional ingredients. The composition of such cream contains usually a large number of flavors, stabilizers, and thickening agents. For the preparation of creams and desserts such products are suitable in the first place to its thick consistency after dilution liquid, but the beneficial properties they hardly contained.

The process of whipping cream powder differs from the conventional simple method. If you make a whipping whisk, then this should be first uniformly and slow movements and then to dramatically increase the speed. Such techniques have to be done several times. Mixer such procedure make it easier - simply whip cream first on the minimum, and then at the maximum speed. Water or milk, you can add at any stage, if necessary. Please note that the dilution of dried cream often need to comply with the proportion of 1: 1. If you take a glass powder, then water or milk, you will need the same amount. Cream powder divorced, leaving no lumps, almost any liquid. For the preparation of creams usually are mixed with milk or water. When adding a tea or coffee product can not pre-breeding, and immediately pour the beverage into the cup.

Breeding techniques dried cream recipes can tell some of the dishes. For example, homemade ice cream, usually prepared on the basis of just such a product. Density of this mixture to give treats other ingredients so cream bred conventional method that implies an equal amount of powder and water.

Recipe preparation of sauces based on cream powder is a little different. The product can also be diluted with water or milk. However, it should pay attention to a number of nuances. For breeding cream uses only pre-cooled liquid. After the initial mixing the ingredients, the resulting mass left to several hours in a warm place, and then are re-cooling. Only through such action will get the consistency of sour cream sauce.