How to cook porridge for the baby - video recipes at home

Dishes for feeding infants: mashed potatoes

When the time comes to breast feeding

baby solid foods, you must carefully choose the dishes for him. Introducing vegetables often begin with the usual mashed potatoes.

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The secret №1: Choose cereals

As weaning cereals should be chosen carefully. After all, the number of grains in a child may be allergic. Best option would be to buckwheat, corn and rice cereals. They do not contain gluten, so will not cause any side effects (allergies). In addition, they do not cause constipation in babies, because these cereals are not hard on the digestive tract, which is finally formed. And in these cereals contain useful trace elements and vitamins.

If you do not use ready-made porridge, watch the choice of cereals. For kids is better to choose lighter buckwheat, rice is not parboiled, and so on. D. In general, the smaller the preliminary manipulations will be carried out on grains, the more useful it will be. It is best to give preference to the rump of the highest grade.

The Secret №2: preparation of cereals for porridge

Is required to sort and cereals from bad dark grains and the husk, which may fall into the rump. Then grits need a good wash and dry. Because the child is still small and swallowing reflexes he still imperfect, is better to pre-prepare the rump. It's enough to grind it in a blender in flour. And cooking will be faster and easier to have a child.

The secret №3: proportion

Further need only take a teaspoon of flour cereal and dilute it with 100 ml of water. Subject to such proportions you just get the desired consistency of porridge for feeding. Experts recommend that when a child learns to eat such porridge and not choke, you can increase the amount of cereals added to 2 teaspoons to make porridge thicker.

The secret №4: cooking time porridge

Then you need to put the porridge to cook on a slow fire. This process takes about 15-20 minutes. Importantly, do not forget to stir constantly. As an alternative to the child more receptive to the first attempts to feed him porridge, can add to the porridge a little breast milk. Familiar taste will allow the child to adapt more quickly to the new food.

The secret №5: oil, salt and milk

When cooking porridge for the baby is to remember that you can not be as an adult. For example, in the porridge for the baby it is not necessary to add salt - children's kidneys are not yet able to cope with the load. Also, do not add butter - it is too heavy for the digestive system of the child. In addition, it is better not to overload. For babies older than 9 months can cook porridge with milk already. The truth can only use low-fat milk. Moreover, it is further boiled with water to be diluted in a ratio of 1: 1.

The secret №6: magnifies the taste of

As flavor enhancers can be used for children's porridge fructose, children's special cream. But the use of sugar in the preparation of children's cereals should be abandoned - it can often cause allergies. Also, you can add ready-made porridge, fruit puree or pieces of fruit (if the child can already chew pieces). The best option is to choose bananas or pears - they are non-allergenic.