Recipe for vegetable purees for weaning - video recipes at home

Somewhere to six months old child's body, in addition to breast milk, and other foods are needed. This age is the most optimal for the introduction of the first feeding. Infants with overweight pediatricians advise to start additional feeding of a vegetable puree, and then move on to the porridge. Monocomponent puree usually opt for the first vegetable lures from a safe hypoallergenic products, kids are older, you can already give and multicomponent dishes.

Carrots, potatoes, cauliflower more often are the main components in the complementary feeding vegetable purees for babies. Once they are mastered, can be administered in the child's menu, pumpkin, zucchini, cveklu.

To prepare mashed vegetables for baby's necessary to choose only the highest quality products. First of all vegetables should be well washed in warm water, peel and cut into pieces of medium size. They need to be boiled in a small amount of water to keep as many nutrients as possible.

All the vegetables are added to the diet separately kid, starting with one teaspoon, and after a while you can make mashed already several vegetables. In this case, first of all, boiled carrots and cabbage, then add the potatoes in a saucepan and cook over low heat in a pan under the lid tightly closed. With ready-made vegetable broth must be drained into another bowl, and grind food blender or rub through a sieve. Then a small portion left to be diluted decoction mashed to the consistency of sour cream. The resulting mass is necessary to bring to the boil, stirring continuously. You can add a little dish of butter.

Vegetable purees for infants cauliflower

Such a monocomponent puree can be a great first meal, which can be given to the child, combining it with breastfeeding.


- 500 g of cauliflower;

- a third of a glass of milk;

- a pinch of salt.

Rinse and clean the leaves from green cabbage. Disassemble the head into florets and scald with boiling water. Then pour boiling water inflorescence, podsolite and cook until soft. Thereafter, drain and fill cabbage still hot milk mash using a blender. In the finished dish, you can add a drop of vegetable oil.

Vegetable purees for babies carrot


- 2 carrots;

- 4 tbsp. l. milk;

- 0, 5 tsp.. vegetable oil;

- 0, 5 tsp.. salt solution.

Thoroughly rinse the roots, clean and medium-sized slice. Then put in a pot of hot water and boil until soft, covered with a lid. Soft vegetables just podsolite, mix with milk and butter and pyuriruyte.

multicomponent vegetable puree for infants


- 1 potato tuber;

- cabbage leaf;

- a third of carrots;

- a third of the beet;

- 1/8 of the bulb;

- 1 tsp.. finely chopped greens;

- 4 tbsp. l. milk;

- 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil;

- 1/2 tsp.. salt solution.

All vegetables, except potatoes, good wash, cut and cook in a small amount of boiling hot water periodically adding it as evaporation. When the vegetables are half-ready, they need to add peeled and cut potatoes continuing stewing until fully cooked products. For soft vegetables need to add butter, milk and salt solution and mash.