New Year's table - video recipes at home

New Year - a holiday on an amazing truth. He is loved by everyone: adults, children, men, women, wealthy, people of modest means. After all, for each person New Year's Eve is full of wonders. It's all waiting soaked magic. On this night special looks: your outfit, decorating the apartment, the decoration of Christmas trees and, of course, the table decor. And it is no exaggeration to say that the holiday table, we consider as an event center. New Year's table should be special, different from the usual holiday. On this day, table decoration - a bright and rich, even excessive, with a variety of items and items such as twigs, cone, snowflakes and tinsel.

For each holiday - its

New Year's table - video recipes at home

coloring. The main colors that dominate in CHRISTMAS decor are red, green, golden and silver, white. But this is not a dogma. You can choose any color or color, any jewelry, any material - it is important to trust your own taste and sense of proportion. If you react to the table composition, as a work of art - you just meet with success!

Color - the most powerful component of. For example, very effective use of the same color. You can carry the selected color through the central composition, through Accessories, flowers, toy. Just imagine how much more can be interesting to look so when combined shades, tones of the same color! Illumination should be delicate, not display the entire interior, and carry the riddle and mystery. And you can play on the contrast of colors and decor then get a very clear, "uncompromising". The combination of different textures can not be underestimated. metal luster or muted, flax roughness and transparency of the glass. All of this is living with each other and provides endless possibilities for combination.

graphically (form and volumes combination verticals and contour). Very important form of the selected items to decorate your table. They can "adapt" to the interior design, tableware, vases form, and can create contrast. Also, in contrast, you can build a vertical and horizontal composition. This will create a balance and counterbalance the overall perception of the interior as a whole.

means (candles, flowers, textiles).

Without the candles on the New Year's table can not do - they create a festive atmosphere. It is better to put a candle in the low candlesticks, their light will not interfere with sitting in front of. Or, select small candle-pill in transparent cups, trays and put between the plates. Very convenient to use wide candle - they are simply put on the table or a flat dish and shift their glass stones, beads, Christmas balls, cones, dried flowers.

Whatever may be said about the relevance of flower bouquets on the New Year's table, they will always be the fans that no matter what time of year. Those who set categorically opposed colors on the table at this holiday, we can recommend interesting decorations associated with winter theme, for example, the composition of the "snowy" or sprigs of fir branches, decorated with beads and bugles. To Serving holiday table is necessary to give preference to tablecloths of the cotton, flax or silk. Tablecloth may be smooth or embroidery, lace.

Complete its textile napkins in rings. Tablecloth and napkins should be combined with each other or in color or texture. If you do not want to use a tablecloth - put under each plate textile tissue, and along the center of the table, lay down tissue path (of the same color, that wipes) - on it you place all the main dishes. In general, a variety of decorations can be limited only by your imagination! Invent, dare - the main purpose of the event to remember. A purpose is: an atmosphere, tasty Food mental communication - to you, your friends and guests were wonderful christmas mood!

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