The meeting of the Dragon? - video recipes at home

The meeting of the Dragon? - video recipes at home
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What to prepare for the New Year to bring good luck dragon.

"On a huge oval platter, occupies the entire central part of the table, rested some unprecedented creature - a dragon with a green mane and four curved legs.

- So this is your pike? - he asked.

- Pike in Tarakanovskiy - very unusual dish - the princess said with pride. - It is made of several large fish, quietly joined together. The result is a dragon. "

In this excerpt from the novel "t" Victor Pelevin with his characteristic insight writers tied together two animals - real and mythical dragon pike. Indeed, 2012 will bring good luck to those who will cook fish 31 December of the outgoing year. Pike is not accidental: the symbol of the coming year, the Dragon - being short-tempered and twisty, clever and dangerous. Pike is different from other fish abundance of bones, which is so difficult, but must be removed. So we have to constantly pick out gourmet sharp bones to enjoy the taste and show the Dragon his courage and tenacity. However, the Dragon loves not only pike, but also any other fish, so S folk fish on the New Year's table will bring you and your family prosperity, health and well-being . You can fry haarder - a tasty and healthy appearance MULLETS fish. astrologers also recommend to cook the traditional herring under a fur coat - this year it will not be more appropriate. Diversify the menu


Please the symbol of the coming year, the dragon, is not easy. He is unpretentious food, but wayward. Please note! On New Year's table must be all that he loves. Dragon - omnivorous, and that's try to put on a New Year's table in 2012 as much as possible seafood, meat, vegetable and fruits. Believe me, to make the menu varied - not hard, just enough to express their imagination.

We remember the spices! The more "fire-breathing" is your menu in this momentous night, the more joy you will bring the year of the Dragon. Season the dish with fragrant basil, cardamom, ginger, Pepper "chili" and cloves, and in general all kinds of "sharp" differences - this each family has its own tricks.

How do without meat? can be fed to the table chicken, goose, turkey or duck. It depends, as they say, by the size of your wallet. It is best to bake the bird in the oven with vegetables. And spices complement the culinary delights. Meat dish can pour burning alcohol, again, it is clear why. After all, you need to cater to a fire-breathing mascot! Only this is a very dangerous occupation, and therefore to carry out similar procedures need to fire accurately. Pour strong alcohol can also be fruits or cream. You agree that such an action might look impressive, mysterious and unusual. By the way, there's plenty of dishes involving "burning" supplement. So it is better to study the pre-formulation, to surprise your guests, meet the "spirit of the times", and not to spoil the festive table! Do not put on the table, half-finished products.

Dragon likes to eat, and would prefer all natural. They say that the less food is subjected to heat treatment, so it is more like the Dragon. And not only the Dragon: semi-finished products - this is everyday life, and wants to meet the holiday with pleasure! New Year's table - a kind of a flight of fancy, capable of the most trivial inventions. By the way, the birthplace of the New Year of the Dragon - China, so that we can try to "entertain" his Chinese dishes. Astrologers advised to prepare for this year's New Year's table that one of pumpkin. Prepare! Worse certainly not be! A pooriginalnichat with New Year's menu - it's always fun and useful. And if in addition to this there is a secret meaning, it is doubly cool.

Be aware of water. It is clear that without water not only in the New Year does not manage. But it is the new, 2012 year it is recommended to put on the table a jug of plain water, because symbol of 2012 - Black Water Dragon.

Let the table will be elegant! Catching preparing festive meals, do not take the time to decorating their culinary delights. As can generally be used green, Vegetables, fruit, frozen berries. That year was successful, it is necessary that at least one dish was executed in the form of the Dragon This can be Salad, festive cake, or any other dish of your choice. The main thing - do not limit your imagination! Take care of peace in the family. Remember that the dragon only mean such a dangerous, sharp-clawed, and fire-breathing, but inside it is soft, vulnerable and sensitive. He will patronize only those who meet its high moral and ethical requirements. Most Dragon appreciates in people kindness and honesty. December 31 it is necessary to thank all those with whom you are going to celebrate the onset of 2012. Astrologers recommend to treat everyone with kindness and do not skimp on love - for the Dragon is even more important than the fish on New Year's table. All the love that you give in 2012, will return to you a hundredfold.