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A new book by Alexander Seleznev shares favorite recipes


Alexander Seleznev are often asked how he manages, as a pastry chef, stay in such good shape.

And he always says that the basis of all - this is the right healthy eating. But this is too abstract words. In his new book, "Sunday lunch. Ideas festive table " Alexander shares personal secrets of food and recipes of favorite dishes that he prepares a home for himself and his friends. These recipes in the book are very useful, easy to prepare, and, of course, delicious. Well, for your convenience, the recipes collected in themed menus. Sunday lunch menu, when the table is going to the whole family. Here you will find the lunch menu to suit all tastes: classical, vegetarian, and Asian and Mediterranean. But the main basis of all the menu - a useful product, right and useful combination of products and an unforgettable taste amazing! Soup Recipe Cream of peas with bacon

from the book of Alexander Seleznev "Sunday lunch. Ideas festive table "

It is necessary: ​​

200 ml cream

500 g fresh peas

100 g butter

Salt and pepper to taste

1 shallot

10 leaves bacon

2 tbsp. broth (vegetable or meat)

How to prepare:

1. to fry bacon and heated with oil.

2 Onions finely chopped and put to bacon.

3 Add the butter. Then add the peas and fry in the same mode.

4 In the end, add the cream.

5 Pour all the broth and boil a little more.

6. Grind the soup in a blender and serve.