Secrets of the storage of vegetables - video recipes at home

Secrets of the storage of vegetables - video recipes at home

Summer - the season of the most favorite fruits and vegetables. Over the weekend, running to the market and buy a "live" vitamins to enjoy the taste and aroma, and most importantly, the use of elements of nature. Usually my trips to the market ends a pair of heavy bags, bursting from a variety of fruits and vegetables. And when it parses all fresh and fragrant abundance, hand and reaching for the fridge. After all, for something we invented the small boxes in the bottom part of it, and even the icons painted for the slowness, he says, see - a place for fruit and vegetables. But before we once again did not hesitate to "surrender" Vitamin richness of the deposit of the refrigerator, take a few minutes and read the following recommendations.


Tomato - very delicate vegetable, and when stored in the refrigerator inside fetal membrane walls are destroyed, resulting in a loss of natural flavor and fluffy texture. So they begin to resemble those that can be bought in supermarkets in mid-January.

The best place to buy hard tomatoes and store them on the kitchen counter at room temperature, but no more than 3-4 days. Try not to put the vegetables are tender on the windowsill to avoid direct sunlight, as the side facing the sun will ripen faster. If you do put a tomato on the windowsill, then turn it 2-3 times a day for the uniform ripening. Keep tomatoes pedicle up, as the pulp around the peduncle most delicate part of the fruit, and at a pressure may be damaged.

Tomatoes are particularly sensitive to foreign odors, so store them separately from other fruits and vegetables.

If you bought a tomato in the supermarket, most likely it is already stored in the refrigerator, and thus lost its smell, taste and texture. But you can slightly improve the situation, giving the fetus to lie down on the table in 24 hours.

Secrets of the storage of vegetables - video recipes at home


It turns out that the cucumbers are suffering from the refrigerator at least tomatoes. If cucumbers stored at temperatures below 10 degrees, they are "colds" literally. Traces of such cold cucumber visible in dark spots on the surface of the fruit and slimy white spots (all - the beginning of decay), therefore of the refrigerator cucumber migrates into the bin. It should be noted, however, that this vegetable can withstand cold up to 3 days, so that if in the house there was no other place for storing cucumbers, can not long keep them in the refrigerator, but avoid cold spots. If the freezer in the refrigerator at the top, then the coldest zone is top shelf and vice versa, the lower shelf is the coldest area, if the freezer bottom. If you plan to finish eating cucumber on the following day, then place them tightly in a thin plastic bag, tie it tightly and put it in the driest and coolest place in the house. Cucumber ideal storage temperature of 15 degrees. The next day they will be as fragrant and crisp as the day of purchase.

And, do not forget that Cucumbers are very sensitive to ethylene - a gas driving the maturation process, so it is especially important not to store cucumbers next to the melon, tomatoes and bananas, as they emit the largest amount of ethylene.

Secrets of the storage of vegetables - video recipes at home

So what fruits and berries can be stored in the refrigerator?

Almost all citrus fruits, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, cherries, watermelon can safely put in the refrigerator. All these fruits and berries at high temperatures begin to rapidly deteriorate, so that the refrigerator - the only way out. Well, the best to eat fruits, berries or vegetables are fresh as possible, so try to count - if you do not intend to make jam or compote, buy a little.