10 recipes for sweet pies - video recipes at home

10 recipes for sweet pies - video recipes at home
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The best recipes of sweet pies with a variety of

fillings - a treat for any occasion.

Homemade pies - the best meal! They are trained with various fillings, open and closed, more complicated and simpler. Every housewife will be able to choose the recipe to his liking.

Buckwheat flour gives a very tasty baked bread, rolls and even sweet pies:

A cake made of buckwheat flour with chocolate and rum

Simple cake, you apply it with vanilla sauce, transformed into an elegant dessert: Apple pie with shtreyzelem

With cream and chocolate cream pie simple will be a real treat: Pie with cream "ganache"

This cake is suitable for any family event or holiday: Family apple pie

Cherry pie - it's a classic! According to this recipe you can bake a cake with any berries, the main thing - that they had enough juice:

Cherry Pie

Juicy and bright raspberry pie decorate your table at any time of the year: Raspberry pie

French pastries difference is that it is not sugary, and moderately sweet, apple and Tartu - a vivid example: apple pie "Tarte aux pommes"

Cherry is perfect for creating both simple cake and exquisite cake. Recipe rekomenduetsya everyone who loves to cook quick and tasty: Simple Cherry Pie

In Italy tarts - sweet pies - baked from buckwheat flour and stuffed them in some fragrant jam from wild berries: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or strawberries: tarts with raspberry jam

The medieval recipe Chef Emmanuel Olde Hansa Villa: Pie with apples and honey almond milk

As well as video-recipe legendary apple pie Wolf from the chefs Konstantin Ivlev and Yury Rozhkov: